It Isn’t Magic….

It isn’t magic.  Whenever I get onto the radionics forums, I almost always see some posting that acts like radionics is some form of magic.  Describing our work in magical terms is intellectually lazy.  Yes, we do things that seem magical.  We sometimes perform rituals before we work and even after.  But it isn’t to satisfy some imaginary deity. Understand that radionics is not magic, and there is a science behind it.

Why Radionics Is Not Magic

We do these things because they work.  It is up to science to figure it why they work, but until then, that doesn’t make radionics unscientific.  If anything, it makes the doubters and skeptics so.

Science has already given us all we need to understand most of what we do.  But it is not the science you learned in high school nor is it the physics of 200 years ago.  The science that explains our work is cutting-edge.  It is so cutting edge; not only is it not widely taught, it isn’t even universally accepted.  But, even so, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  If it works it is real.  Even if it only worked once.

Toroid of Energy

We live in a whirling soup of energy and information.  The things we can see and touch are like eddies in a current.  They are persistent, but not permanent and any changes in the current changes the eddies.  These eddies are controlled by consciousness.  We each have a piece of that consciousness.  So we can (and do) control portions of the energy soup we call reality.

In energetic terms, these eddies are shaped as toroids.  Nothing is fixed.  Everything is constantly changing.  So as soon as we allow our consciousness to stagnate, the toroidal energy field collapses.

We know that stagnant and stuck energies form the basis of disease and dysfunction.  Now you have a mental picture as to why.

Holographic Reality

The next thing that makes this new science so interesting, is the holographic nature of our reality means that all the information for our entire reality is contained in every part of it.  More specifically each proton carries the information of the entire universe.

So manifesting is not a matter of making something from nothing.  It is simply a matter of arranging the information that is already present everywhere into a stable torroid.  If we want to manifest an apple, we build a stable thought-form of an apple and hold it long enough for the energy pattern to stabilize.

That is how the Eastern Mystics do it, but they explain it in different terms.  But even they would tell us that all we have to do, is hold that thought-form for as little as a minute or so.  That means, most of us are only about 58 seconds away from having a solid bar of pure gold appearing in our hand.

It isn’t magic.

Likewise, since we are dealing with reality at a different level than we were taught as children, we can now see why many of the prayers and rituals we were taught are a complete waste of time.  While they may have been useful in their original form, the way we currently do them is worthless.

Prayers Work!

A memorized and mumbled prayer is a complete waste.  It doesn’t have any energy and the thought-from it represents is vague.  One of the things that disappointed the natives of Hawaii was that while the missionaries were enthusiastic about their prayers, they simply didn’t work.  That was why Christianity had to forced on them and forced on native cultures around the world.

If the Christian prayers and rituals worked, you wouldn’t have to burn people at the stake to get them to believe.  If they worked, you wouldn’t need some ephemeral faith, you would have proof.

That said, if prayers had never worked, they would not have been practiced by cultures around the world.  It isn’t that prayers don’t work. It is simply they must be done correctly.  A prayer is a thoughtform.

Power of ThoughtForm

Make that thoughtform solid and persistent and energize it properly and it can produce a resonance in the energy field, i.e., come true.

We have spoken about the useless and often non-beneficial prayers offered by preachers and evangelists.  Likewise, we have talked about the power of a clear visualization when it is energized by the emotions of hundreds of people.  Prayers absolutely work, when done properly.  They can seem magical.  But they must be done right, or they are a waste.

Raymond Grace


When Raymon Grace moves a weather front or provides a shield for his property, he does so with crystal clear intent.  There is no doubt.  There are no questions.  He KNOWS it works, because he has done it.  So it works.

But when the doubting Thomas tries to mimic that same work, he doesn’t have as clear intent, he has doubts and questions and it fails.  Why do you think that skeptics regularly find that our energy work is a waste? 

Because they way they do it, it is a waste!

Radionics Is Not Magic, It’s Science

Here is an analogy.  When food scientists test a food to see if it will produce some health benefit or prevent some issue, they use standard grocery store food.  This food is loaded with chemicals and toxins, is nearly devoid of nutrition, and usually fails to provide any particular benefit other than calories.

Had they run the same test with biodynamically grown food or even organic food, they would have seen different results.

Their science teaches them that the food didn’t do work.  Just as their science teaches that prayer doesn’t work.  Use the wrong food, of course, it doesn’t provide the benefit.  Pray without clear and powerful intent, doesn’t work either.  It is not magic.  It is simply the practical application of science.

But even in work we still find magical thinking.

Energy and Information

The idea that all we need is to surround ourselves with a sphere of white light and all we be good.

In an energy and information Universe, that sphere of white light has a certain energy threshold.  It has a certain persistence in the energy toroid.  All it takes to overcome that sphere of white light is a more powerful and persistent energy form.

So the ball of white light might work sometimes and might not at other times. 

You are only as strong as your energy field.  If your energy field is stronger than the things that try to attach to it or attack it cannot, you will be ok.  If your field is weaker, you won’t.

Every toxin: physical, emotional or spiritual that you have in your energy field, makes the field weaker and less coherent.  Everything you do to make your energy field more coherent also makes it stronger.

Love, light and forgiveness don’t make you stronger because of some feelgood nonsense.  They make you stronger, because they make your energy field more coherent.

Adding magnets under a reagent, provides a persistent toroidal field for the reagent energy to manifest in.  Not magic.

Our instruments produce a persistent toroidal field,  adding more banks of rates makes the field more complex and more defined.  The more defined, the field, the more complex the pattern, the quicker it manifests.  So adding banks makes things work quicker, again, not magic.

Energy Patterns

When you think of our work as manipulating energy patterns, then it is easier to sort out fantasy from reality.  It is easier to sort out what is wishful thinking and what is likely to happen every time you use that technique.  That is the essence of practical science.

We look for patterns, try to understand those patterns, and learn to manage them. 

That means we can look at magical processes, not as something mystical and unknowable, but as a starting place for understanding.  When we see the faith healer and see it works, that shows us there is something for us to study.

When the man tells us he lives on sunlight alone, that tells me there is something to investigate.

Likewise, the miracles in the sacred and ancient texts don’t strike me as some supernatural intervention.  They look to me like science we don’t fully understand.

The placebo effect is not an anomaly to be ignored, but a process to be studied.  The ancient art of dowsing is too well proven to be magic.  Homeopathy which used to be laughed at by scientists turns out to be based on how the quantum energy field works.

Radionics Is Practical Science

So, radionics is not magic, nor is it a compilation of wishful thinking and coincidental anecdotes.  Radionics is practical science.  Our mission is not to satisfy the skeptic or try to prove to the researcher that radionics works.  We already know that.  Our job is to keep learning and pushing the envelope.

Let the magical thinkers and the skeptics believe what they will.  Once you know your instrument works, you don’t have anything to prove.  In fact, it is really up to the skeptic and the scientist to figure out why.

In the meantime, keep the picture of the toroid and the swirling eddy of energy in mind as you do your work.  Are you adding to the toroid or taking away?  How does the color, sound, geometric information, rate, or reagent affect your result?

Remember my class about using geometric information to increase the coherence of the energy field and suppress pathogenic infection.  Shape and coherence are critical parts of understanding the energy field.

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