Radionics Intent – Examining What We Do

Radionics Intent – Examining What We Do

From time to time we need to examine the fundamentals of what we do. Just as professional athletes start spring training with the basics, it pays for us to do the same. In order to go further and faster it is critical that we have the best foundation as possible. We need to look at what it is we are doingHow do we utilize radionics intent? First, we focus our instruments on a subject. Then we tune our instruments to broadcast a frequency with the intent of changing an energy pattern in the subject. We are sending an energy and information signal. If we have enough energy, the information in our signal will make changes in the subject.

We are making changes in our environment. In this case, we are using energy to make energetic changes that will result in physical changes. That is not so much different than everything else we do. For instance, when I physically adjust the thermostat, the furnace then makes energetic changes to the environment. It all begins with a thought

Ways To Create Intent

In radionic work we refer to that thought as intent, so every change we seek to make in our environment starts with intent.

The clearer the intent, the faster the change. For instance, let’s say I want to go to a bakery. There are hundreds of bakeries, so I can start driving and eventually I may find one. But as I refine that intent, I will get faster results. So instead of just any bakery, I decide I want to go to the one that has fruit Danish. Now my intent is clearer and my search is much narrower. Let us further suppose I narrow my intent to La Mie Bakery. I know exactly where La Mie is. I know which Danish I like the best and I even know where I’ll have to park.

With that very clear intent, I don’t waste time or energy. I don’t end up with a gas station donut and I don’t end up with a fast-food fruit pie. I get exactly what I want in the most efficient way possible. That is what a clear and precise intent gets you. It allows you to focus on exactly what you want and then build a plan.

One of the things that Steve Weston taught was that we need to write our intent before we start working on a project. He knew what he was talking about. By carefully crafting your optimal intent statement you will receive better results. Now that there is clear intent, the issue becomes what is the best way to achieve our goal. Our culture is a very direct one. We prefer to tackle things head-on. Football is a perfect example.

We take our biggest guys and line them up toe-to-toe with their biggest guys. Then we try to move the ball over our goal line. If our guys are big enough, then all we see is pure force. However, if their guys are about the same size as ours, then we have to use some finesse. If our guys are smaller, then we have to find another way to move the ball. Maybe we will have to pass the ball around. Maybe we can distract some of their big guys onto a different part of the field, then our little guys can run the ball.

What Happens When Intent Changes

Our intent has not changed, but depending upon what we are up against, we may need something beyond pure force. In radionics, we can do exactly the same thing. We can use a lot of energy and a lot of power to make a change or we can take a look at the fundamentals of the system we’re working with and we can use some finesse.

Anyone that has known me for any length of time knows I have been called “More Power Marty”. I am absolutely an advocate of using as much power as I need to get as much done as I possibly can in as short a time as possible. However, many times more power is not the answer. We can blast an infection so hard that we send the subject into toxic overload. Then we have to deal with an entirely different set of issues as our subject is trying to recover. Worse, if we did not address the reason the infection was there, we just end up with another infection.

This is where more power is the wrong answer. A better approach may be to transmute that infection into a higher form of life. The Bf2! reagent does that. Now we don’t have the issues of toxic overload and we have changed the pathogen into something beneficial.

Now the issue becomes, “How do we maintain the higher-level energy pattern so that the infection does not return?” That is where we address all of the other issues, but in the meantime, the infection has been taken care of. The problem is NOT the infection. The infection is simply a symptom of the problem. The pathogens are just filling their environmental niche. They are helping to recycle an unhealthy organism. So when we address just the infection, all we can do is relieve the symptoms.

Since we didn’t solve any problems, in short order another infection will come in to fill that environmental niche. Now we have an entirely new set of symptoms. Think about it, this is the standard approach to many things in our society; including our health, the health of our plants and animals, and even our soil fertility.

Addressing The Symptoms 

Addressing symptoms is just another way to “peel the onion”. There will always be more symptoms until the subject finally dies. While this makes for great job security, it doesn’t really help the subject

The best approach is to forget about force against force and find the ultimate cause behind the cause. Unless the symptoms are very severe or life-threatening, I don’t even address them. I don’t care what kind of infection it is. All I really care about is what caused it.

  • Once you find the ultimate cause, the power requirements are quite small. That is because we can address that cause at its point of origin. We can work on that cause before it was able to gain energy and start resonating throughout the subject. Think of the butterfly effect, where a butterfly flaps his wings and over time that simple act leads to a major tropical storm.
  • If you can find that “butterfly” and make changes there and then, you won’t have to deal with the storm.
  • If you need fast and physical results then you must deal with symptoms. But when you are looking for permanent changes, then you seek and solve the cause of the problem.

Further, as we look at any living system there are natural processes in that system that can support our work or interfere with it. In agriculture there are legions of microbes in the soil that produce enzymes, break down organic matter and make the minerals in the soil available for the plant.

If I dump a nitrogen fertilizer on my field, then the microbes that fix nitrogen from the air go dormant. I took their job away from them, so now I have to do all of the work. Since they are not producing their share of nitrogen I need to put even more on to compensate. That addition of fertilizer only makes things worse. This is just one example of a system and processes we can either support or interfere with that system.

The Work of Dr. Seig Sutterlin

Dr. Seig Sutterlin, an economics professor, taught that any program that does not support natural processes will ultimately fail. With radionics we not only need to look at the ultimate cause, but then we need to understand the process as well. When we use natural processes to support our work, it takes much less power and the results are much more long-lasting.

So as you are putting together your radionic work plans, I want you to step back and seriously consider what it is you are doing. You are NOT working in the physical world. You are NOT making physical changes. You are working in an energetic realm. You are making energetic changes that will manifest into physical ones.

Once you find the ultimate cause of the issue, then you can either use existing natural processes to support your work or you can work against them. If you are working in soils, there are legions of microbes already making the soil fertile. If you are working on other living things there are already mechanisms in each cell and each tissue that work to keep the organism healthy. All you need to do is support the process and they will your work for you.

That is the philosophy that led to the discovery of the PowerPoint. It led to working with the Assembly Point, the JU5N energy cords, somatids, somasols, biophotons and everything else.

My work and my reagents work to support the natural processes that are already in place. That allows me to use a very small input to achieve truly remarkable results. I still have and use some of the most powerful instruments and accessories. I add more at every opportunity, but the lesson is simple. When you find the ultimate cause behind the cause and you support the natural process which will eliminate that cause, it will take very little power and very little time to solve the problem. That gives you the ability to take on more projects and even consider some of the “impossible” ones.


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