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Practicing Medicine

Practicing Medicine Without A Licence

A new radionics operator called me the other day and told me she heard that working with people was illegal. I assured her it was perfectly legal.

HOWEVER, practicing medicine without a license is absolutely illegal. In fact, any radionics practitioner that attempts to practice medicine doesn’t understand radionics. First, there is the obvious issue associated with dabbling in things you have not been trained in and/or offering medical advice.

A few years ago, a former associate decided he could cure cancer with his instrument. His intentions were good. His clients trusted him so much that several discontinued their medical treatment in favor of his work.

Sadly, several of his clients died. They may have died even with competent medical treatment, but their survivors don’t know that. Not only did he open himself up to criminal prosecution, but to civil action as well. But worse than either of those things, is his client’s DIED


Now let’s examine why radionics is NOT medical. When you go to a physician, they check a number of indicators, and based upon your symptoms and the indicators they diagnose the issue (they name it). Once they have a name for your issue, they prescribe a course of treatment to alleviate your symptoms.

In standard radionics, we check a number of energetic indicators and then work to balance the energy system. Then we look to see when the symptoms have changed. However, when you really understand about energy fields and radionics (and have taken my classes), your work is only in the energy fields and removing the blockages that interfere with proper function. 

In my approach to radionics, the analysis and evaluations of symptoms are only indicators of progress. It is counter-productive to name an issue. It is much more effective to correct the energy imbalance that produced the symptom.

Energy Patterns in Our Physical World

Everything in our physical world is a result of the interplay of energy patterns. So, by addressing issues in the energy field, the physical manifestation changes automatically without further intervention. The disease is a symptom. Infection is a symptom. Good health is also a symptom.

If you are evaluating and addressing symptoms, then you are working in the physical. Issues cannot be corrected unless the energetic cause is corrected. That is why we often see people that are looking at a lifetime of medical treatments and prescriptions without any hope of ever getting well. Physicians work to resolve symptoms. Radionics practitioners work to resolve problems.

When symptoms are severe, of course, regular medical attention is necessary. Bleeding must be controlled and in most cases, broken bones must be reset. That is what medical professionals do well. However, when someone needs healing, then addressing symptoms does nothing but relieve suffering.

Healing can only happen when the energetic system is properly balanced and the blockages removed. Radionics can do that. So, don’t even think about practicing medicine unless you are properly licensed. But, when someone’s energy field needs balancing, then help them if you can. Make no diagnoses. Make no claims and do NOT interfere with their relationship with their medical professionals.

Yes, we can help people, but don’t let your ego or your good intentions hurt people. The people my former associate convinced me to forego medical treatment are DEAD. Their family will never hold them again, their children lost a parent, their community lost a friend. I do not know if my former associate was responsible for their deaths, but I do know that he let his good intentions (and his ego) get in the way of his common sense.

If you don’t understand these concepts, please reread them. If you still don’t understand, call someone and ask them to explain them in more detail. But in any case, DO NOT PRACTICE MEDICINE unless you are a doctor.