Fundamentals of Radionics: How you can complete radionic applications

Fundamentals: How you can complete radionic applications better and faster! 

The First Few Steps

One of the best ways to do things better and faster is to periodically review the fundamentals. We accept it as completely natural that professional athletes start their pre-season training reviewing the basics of the game, but we rarely do the same ourselves. It is important for a professional football player to review the basics of blocking and tackling each year, and it only makes sense that we look at the basics in our work so we can refocus and continue to grow.

In a nutshell, we broadcast scalar frequencies in order to induce physical changes. But prior to making a broadcast, we decide what we wish to change and how we wish to change it. The fundamental “what” we are doing is our intent. Then we take actions to manifest that intent into reality. For example, suppose I intend to go to Oskaloosa. In order to turn this intent into reality, I’m required to develop a plan and then implement that plan. It may start off as simple as finding my shoes… 

What Radionics Can Do For You

In radionics we are taking thought we are turning it into intent and that intent is to change the information or the energy and information of a system. So when we start looking at it in terms of manifesting a thought or manifesting an intent, that allows us to step away from many of the physical ways that we address issues.

Here in the United States, we seem to prefer to address things very physically and directly. For instance, if you take a look at football you know we take our biggest guys against their biggest guys and we see if we can take our biggest guys to shove their biggest guys back across the line. If our guys are not bigger than their guys we have to use finesse because we don’t have the same weight and power as our adversaries. If we outweigh them, then we don’t need finesse, we can simple overpower them.

True With Our Radionic Work

The same is true with our radionic work. We can choose to use a lot of power and a lot of energy, or we can choose to use less power and more finesse. So when we examine the fundamentals of a project, more often than not we can find a low power solution or choose simply to overpower the issues. The choice is ours.

I am absolutely an advocate of more power when it is required. But, there are times when the “power” approach doesn’t get us the results we desire. For instance, if the subject has an infection and we suddenly suppress that infection, they may not be able to process the toxins without negative side-effects. In that case, slower maybe better; finesse instead of force.

A more basic question to ask in the case of infection is, “Why the infection is there in the first place?” That is because the infection is no more than a result of a combination of things. The infection is a symptom, so simply addressing the infection won’t solve the problem and you end up “peeling the onion”. So even if you can power through one issue after another, until you discover and correct the ultimate cause, your work will not be done.

In my work, I seek to address the ultimate cause as early in the process as possible. Unless the infection is critical, I don’t even really care much about it, simply because once the cause is corrected the body is usually able to deal with the infection without outside intervention. Of course, by addressing causes you cannot expect instant results. However, the results you do achieve are usually permanent.

Think of the idea of the butterfly that flaps his wings which starts a chain of events that eventually produces a massive thunderstorm. When we find that “cause behind the cause” it takes very little energy to resolve it. So, as you are putting together and revising your radionic work-plans, make sure your intent includes finding and resolving the ultimate causes of the issues you wish to resolve.

Requirements and Power

When you work in this fashion, your requirement for more and more power is reduced and you are able to enlist the power of natural processes. Nature is self-correcting. Tissues are designed to heal. Plants have overcome nutritional deficiencies and insect infestations for thousands upon thousands of years. Every animal on this planet has overcome every infection and every assault. (If they didn’t overcome them they would not have reproduced)

When we correct the interruptions in the natural patterns, things will take care of themselves. This research led us to the concepts of the inception point and the PowerPoint. (both of which are discussed in other coaching sessions)

So we craft our intent, develop a plan, and execute that plan while keeping in mind how natural processes can assist us in our goals. This allows us to do a tremendous amount with very little energy input at all. Keep smiling and dialing! Marty

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