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Rate of the Week: Emotional Efficiency

Emotional Efficiency Radionics Rate

The radionics rate-of-the-week were featuring this week is the Emotional Efficiency radionics rate. The rate itself is nothing too special as it’s just 66.25 – 45, but the explanation behind emotional efficiency is probably even more important to you. The way the rate was developed was under the philosophy that anything that happens to a person during this lifetime is not accidental. It is all part of the life plan. If it’s part of the life, then deleting the system should be able to handle the consequences of whatever those incidents are.

What we found when working with alternative medicine over the last however many years, is that oftentimes people will have health issues and will have emotions that are lodged in different organs. 

For instance, they may have anger or hate lodged in the liver. The individual may have fear lodged in the kidneys. They may have a reluctance to move forward; manifested by having some kind of issue in the knees.

What all that amounts to is that if you have an incident happen to you where you don’t have enough energy in order to process that incident completely into experience. Then, that incident gets stored in the tissues as emotion. The idea is that at some point the person would have enough energy.

So that they could go through all of those stored incidents and process them into experience, then go ahead and clear out all of those stored emotions.

How To Treat Disease

In reality, what happens is oftentimes people never have enough excess energy to process that stuff. So, all of that stuff just gets stored, stored, stored, stored, and stored. It then manifests as disease. Too often the disease is treated as if it has some kind of a physical cause. Sadly, the disease just continues to get worse.

So, one of the things I do is to make sure how much and how well a person is processing the incidents in their life. That is the emotional efficiency and it is a measurement up to 100% of how well you, your client, or your target are processing the stuff that is happening day-to-day.

What’s interesting about this rate is that if you find whatever subject you’re working on is not processing things at 100%, then you go ahead and balance on that rate to bring it up. It doesn’t solve the problem as to why you, the client, or the target worked at processing the efficiency.

It also doesn’t reveal why they didn’t have enough energy. However, in the short term, it will help them start processing and getting rid of those stored emotions.

Healing with Emotional Efficiency

We work with different clients in different projects. We find that as we start, we notice some healing taking place.  Also, we start noticing a lot of emotional fallout that seems to be coming along with it too. However, it may not have looked like anything to do with what your current work is.

Sometimes what we see is that you, the client or the customer is showing all sorts of fallout from having these old emotional traumas start to process and come to the surface. This fallout then gets processed out. We see that in a dream sometimes or we see it as anger, or we see it as emotional outbursts.

Many times when a physical symptom is relieved there is an emotional release as well. Massage therapists and chiropractors know this as well. That emotional release is stored emotion because the person didn’t have enough energy to process the incident at the time.

Emotional efficiency gives you a measurement of how much or how many emotions are currently crystallized in your energy field (crystallized emotions 52.25 – 96.50).

You can find out how well your client is processing incidents into experience. Additionally, you can see how much stuff is stored as well. It’s a great way to give you another indicator. This indicator tells you where to go and how to go about solving the initial problems or whatever the issues are.