BE not do.

Graduates around the country are hearing speeches about their futures.  They are being encouraged to choose jobs and careers.  But when I talk to my peers I notice one thing we all have in common….

We are all pretty happy and pretty successful.  (perhaps not financially, but successful nonetheless).  Our plans for life collapsed time and time again.  The many things we were going to do, often simply did not happen.

What did happen, was we found what makes us happy.  We followed our hearts and passions.  We found success by being exactly who we are supposed to be.

When we quit trying to play a role, we have the time and space to simply be.  So, if I were one of the many speechmakers today, I would tell them to do what makes them happy.  I would tell them to follow their heart.  I would tell them to measure their success by how happy they are and not by anyone else’s standards……