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History of Radionics | The art of radionics! What is it?

Before we get int the History of Radionics, I think its best you find out what exactly is radionics? Using special designed instruments that construct  familiar electric units. Radionics are able to use these tools and instruments to tune in to the levels of nature. Radionics is a form of medicine that claims any disease in the body can be found by applying electromagnetic radiations (EMR). Overall radionics is a bit similar to the practice of Dowsing and in fact uses technique included within dowsing. keep reading


Learn about radionics in this upcoming radionics class taught by KRT: Kelly Research Technologies. Join KRT in Atlanta for the Radionics Winter Classic: a Winter Workshop series designed for radionics researchers at every level. The radionics workshop will be delivered by KRT’s Ed Kelly and Marty Lucas, President of Every Advantage radionics consulting. The 2020 workshop will include the After-Dinner Discovery Series (ADDS) – where special guests will share tools and techniques that have brought them success in radionics expertise. Also, lunch will be included in the cost of registration this year. Finally, we will be filming this event for the release of a KRT instructional video. Keep in mind that the audience will also be filmed as well. Learn about radionics in this workshop for all levels in the industry. Below are the dates and descriptions for each day of the Radionics Winter Classic.
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