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Heart and Soul’s Desires user report

Couple of weeks ago I had a truely profound experience with the Heart and Souls desire. I just laid quietly in bed with them and let it happen, and over the course of several hours I was shown and told, well, exactly what you told me they would! Without them, to have had a similiar experience, I would have had to spent months meditating and doing various practices daily to reach that spiritual level. Now, with your reagents, I can have that experience in my living room whenever I get boredSEE DETAILS

Mirror of Life (report from a happy customer)

Thank you Marty for creating the Mirror of Life reagent. I’ve been using this reagent since October 2022. It has been life changing for me! As an empath, I naturally take on other people’s energy and this reagent transmutes that energy (no matter what form it’s in) into love. It feels amazing! I recently misplaced this reagent for about a week and was reminded of how powerful it is. I was about to lose my mind because once you’ve felt the effects of this powerful reagent you don’t want toSEE DETAILS

The Science Behind the 528 Hz Frequency: Exploring the Benefits of Sound Therapy

The Science Behind the 528 Hz Frequency: Exploring the Benefits of Sound Therapy The Science Behind the 528 Hz Frequency: Exploring the Benefits of Sound Therapy. Sound therapy has gained popularity in recent years as a holistic approach to promoting physical and emotional well-being. One of the most intriguing frequencies used in sound therapy is the 528 Hz frequency, also known as the “miracle tone” or “love frequency.” Let’s explore the science behind the 528 Hz frequency and its potential benefits for the human body and mind.

Subtle Energy Fields: One Of Radionics Best Kept Secrets

Subtle Energy Fields: One Of Radionics Best Kept Secrets Subtle Energy Fields: One Of Radionics Best Kept Secrets. Subtle energy fields are a complex and intriguing topic that has long fascinated scientists, practitioners, and spiritual seekers alike. These elusive energy fields are said to exist beyond the physical realm, and are believed to be responsible for a wide range of phenomena, from healing and intuition to psychic abilities and beyond.In recent years, a growing number of practitioners have turned to the use of radionics to tap into and harness these subtleSEE DETAILS

Radionics Therapy: An Introduction to Energy Healing

Radionics Therapy: An Introduction to Energy Healing Welcome to Every Advantage, a leading provider of radionics-based services. We specialize in everything related to radionics. We’ll introduce you to the world of radionics and explain how it can help you achieve a better quality of life.

Radionics Can Improve Your Crops: The Impact of Radionics on Agriculture

Radionics Can Improve Your Crops: The Impact of Radionics on Agriculture Radionics can improve your crops. Agriculture has always been a vital industry for human civilization. It provides us with the food we need to survive, and it is also a source of livelihood for millions of people around the world. However, modern agriculture faces many challenges, including climate change, soil degradation, and the emergence of new pests and diseases. To overcome these challenges, farmers are constantly seeking new methods and technologies to improve their crops’ yield, quality, and resistance. OneSEE DETAILS

Dowsing: A Time-Honored Method of Finding Water and More

Dowsing: A Time-Honored Method of Finding Water and More Dowsing is a centuries-old practice that has been used for finding water, minerals, and other materials. It is also known as divining, water witching, and doodle-bugging. Dowsing involves using a forked stick or metal rods to locate underground sources of water or other objects.

Turn the other cheek….

When we look at our different projects and challenges, we often fall into a polarity mindset.  Most of the time, the answer will not be found in direct conflict, but in seeking and resolving the cause.  That said, there are occasions when you will be in conflict until the issue is resolved.It has been said you cannot resolve any problem with the same level of thinking that created it.For the last 50 years or so, many energy workers taught the concept of surrounding yourself with a ball of white light. SEE DETAILS

The Perfect Toothache

When you align yourself with your Heart and Soul’s Desires your perspective on things change.  That alignment puts you into a space filled with synchronicities and small and large miracles.  The things you want and need, show up and the things that no longer serve you go away.Recently, I had a tooth that started bothering me (again).  The last time it gave me trouble I developed the DD-007 reagent to bring in optimal celestial energies and outcomes for dental work.So, when it hurt this time, I wondered what I missed. SEE DETAILS

Testimony: Peace reagent

Customer testimony“In 1983 I was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident.  We didn’t know it at the time but I have a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which causes ligament laxity.  As a result of the accident impacting the EDS I was left with a number of physical issues that I have had to manage throughout my Life.  One of those issues is Alpha Intrusion into Theta-Delta Sleep… which means that I don’t sleep very well.  I slept so lightly that there have been timesSEE DETAILS