Tensor Ring Tutorial | Radionics Tools | Energy Healing


What is a Tensor Ring and how can it help you? It is an infinite source of energy. So, it is neither electric or magnetic. The Tensor Ring produces energy that is for healing all forms of life on earth. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings tranquility and stability to chaos. Also, it easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. The Tensor field produces a measurable earth/gravity effect.
How to use the Tensor Rings
The Tensor Rings can be used for many purposes and in different ways. Below a few examples.
  • put a ring on the head in case of headaches.
  • In case of abdominal pain, place a ring on the stomach.
  • In the case of joint pain, place a ring over the painful joints.
  • Stimulate plant growth by placing a ring around the plant.
  • The reinforcement of the Harmonizer, and also the conclusion of the Harmonizer by means of intentions.
  • Meditating in a large ring makes it easier to come into meditation.
  • A ring under the pillow or under the bed for a better night’s sleep.
  • water drinking water through a glass or can put water in the Tensor Ring. There is also the possibility to put rings around the tap or water pipe.
  • stream restructuring through small rings to do the power pipes. This results in an orderly flow and reduces the electro-magnetic radiation of lamps and sockets, and also reduces the electricity consumption.