Stop Negative Programs


When you open the task manager of your Window’s computer you can see all the different programs that are running. It is easy to recognize some of them, because they are the applications you regularly use. Then there are a whole bunch that seem to be associated with Windows and then are lots and lots of others that just seem to be there….. Every once in a while you find one that you don’t want running, so you can turn it off. By turning it off, your computer runs a little faster, there is a little more memory available and whatever that program did quits happening… Using this computer program task manager model and applying it to our own energetic field has some benefits. Of course, like any model there are limitations, but with that model in mind, I have been working to identify ‘non-beneficial’ and ‘negative’ programs. I see aging and lack as negative programs that can be blocked, but just like the task manager of a computer, in order to block each negative program one at a time, I would need to specifically identify them. I need to know what they are and what they are called. Then again, there is a big difference between non-beneficial programs and negative programs. A non-beneficial program on your computer, may be a pop-up that gives you daily jokes. It is not negative, but doesn’t seem to do any good either. A negative program may be a negative or limiting belief about yourself. It may be that little voice in the back of your head that asks; ”Am I smart enough?” It may be that craving for ice cream at midnight. I may be an allergic reaction to shellfish. Those can all be negative programs. One of the first lessons we learned was that we must be able to measure something before we can manage it. So, here is a rate for number of negative programs: # Negative Programs 95.6-97.7 This is just an indicator rate. All I wanted it for was to give me a number. In order to shut down negative programs you need something more complex than a mere rate. So, I built a reagent to close the negative programs. But you may be interested in knowing just what programs you are running. In that case, now you have a indicator as to how many and you can use your sleuthing skills to see what they are. Are any of the negative programs, negative core beliefs? Are any of them about how I deal with trauma or stress? Any of them about my learning style? And the list of questions can go on and on. Now, turning off the program does not eliminate it. They are still there and can be restarted. The key to eliminating them is the growth and healing we naturally do with all our other work. When you love yourself unconditionally, you don’t have negative beliefs about yourself. When you love everyone around you unconditionally, you don’t react negatively to other people either (in theory, I cannot attest to that myself)