Sommerfeld Constant(s)


Here are a pair of frequency packages that use advanced physical constants to balance.


Throughout higher mathematics the Sommerfeld Constant keeps showing up.  For some reason it is a powerful balancing reagent FOR SOME, but is NON-BENEFICIAL for many others.

I have some theories as to why and have asked a world-renown physicist for his input as well.  But suffice it to say this thing is either GREAT or it isn’t.

Since, it tends to be beneficial for those that resonate primarily in the Hertzian frequency band, it struck me that it would have an equivalent in the scalar frequencies.

It does. It works as you would expect.  For those that benefit from the Sommerfeld Constant, the scalar equivalent does nothing.  BUT, for those that find the Sommerfeld Constant non-beneficial, the scalar one is GREAT.
So, I offer these as  a pair for you to use and test.