Silver Suite


The energetic equivelent of the Divine feminine

When  I  began  building  Silver  Suite,  I  was  thinking  about  power  colloidal  silver  is  in  supporting  immune  function  and  destroying  infection.

I  had  not  considered  the  alchemical  properties  traditionally  associated  with  silver.    However these are the properties of the Silver Suite.     

Silver  is  a  regal  metal  and  is  connected  to  the  Moon.  It  is  one  of  the  most  versatile  metals,  one  of  the  3  base  metals  in  Alchemy.  It  is  associated  with  philosophical  traits  of  intuition,  self-reflection  and  inner  wisdom.  It  is  a  feminine  metal,  a  symbol  of  purity  and  is  connected  to the  goddesses  and  spirits.  Its energies include divination, healing,  protection,  emotion,  love, wisdom,  dreams,  luck  and  wealth.  It  is  symbolic  of  attributes  such  as  vision,  clarity,  awareness,  focus,  persistence  and  subtle  strength.

Once  I  got  the  Silver  Suite  into  the  hands  of  2 intuitives,  I  realized  she  is  a  channel  to  the  Divine  Feminine.    When  they  held  her,  all  they  had  to  do  was  simply  say,  “Divine  Feminine”  and  they  felt  an  immediate  connection  and  energy  surge.    Even more, Silver  Suite  attracted  people  to  her  that  needed  her.    These are the people that took her home. 

A  shaman  that  picked  her  up  had  issues  with  his  appendix.    He  immediately  began  rubbing  the  area  with  the  reagent  and  removing  the  energy  blockages  there.    The  energy  surge  was  so  strong,  I  felt  the changes  he  was  feeling  in  his  appendix  in  mine.    As the blockages dissolved, the discomfort passed as well. 

I  was  led  to  give  Silver  Suite  to  a  massage  therapist.    She  held  it  and  didn’t  have  words  to  describe  what  she  was  feeling  until  I  told  her  to  say  “Divine  Feminine”.    Then  she  told  me the  energy  became  very  excited  and  began  ‘jumping  up  and  down’. 

I find Silver Suite to be an excellent addition to any project where I need more ‘feminine’ energy; such as when crops are in the reproductive cycle. [1] She is also a great addition when I need additional intuition or when I need a more ‘holistic’ viewpoint.

Each of my mineral ‘Suite’ reagents captures the esoteric properties of that mineral.  For more information on the esoteric properties of minerals:

[1]Plants exhibit their ‘maleness’ when they are growing, their ‘femaleness’ when reproducing.  Hence; Gold Suite is more appropriate to support plant growth.