Serpent Mound


Connect with an ancient and powerful healing energy.

The Great Serpent Mound is a 1,348-foot-long, three-foot-high prehistoric effigy mound located in Peebles, Ohio.  It has been a sacred site for thousands of years and for several different peoples.  The site is located near an ancient meteorite impact.

The intent with this reagent was to find the original energy of the Serpent Mound.  After diving past the many layers of ancient worship and ceremony, at the very heart of the energy field is the ancient healing serpent that made this site sacred in the first place.

It turns out that when Earth is injured (like with a meteor impact) a healing serpent goes to that area.  In this case, this ancient and powerful healing serpent has been there for over 240 million years.

I found that this healing serpent energy is very powerful yet very gentle and patient.  If this energy is right for you, you will know.  Please don’t order it, unless it is right for you.

This is not a collection of frequencies that gives you the Serpent Mound energy.  It is a simple way for you to connect with this ancient, wise and sentient being.  Be respectful, be patient and be kind and She will most likely become a valuable ally for you.