Revoke Unholy Agreements


Clearing the non-beneficial agreements.


Don’t  think of these agreements as ‘pacts with the Devil, signed in blood”.  Think of them as those everyday conscious and unconscious agreements where you are not being true to you.

This reagent revokes those agreements; HOWEVER, it does nothing about blocking someone from accepting them again or accepting new ones.  What this does, is clear the old agreements out and allow the subject space to heal and grow.

Think of all the times you may have compromised yourself in order to fit in or get along.  Think of all the times you accepted ‘good enough’ when you really needed excellent.  These are the small decisions that end up binding us to old patterns and keep us from growing.

Clear these agreements and allow yourself to grow.  Clear these agreements and let your true self shine.

It may only take a single session, but it is more likely to require periodic use to clear new agreements as they come up.