Release Karmic Bonds


Step away from the polarity paradigm into the new reality of moving forward.


When the Universe starts dropping hints, I try to pay attention.  Just a few days ago, I received a call from the president of a national non-profit.  She told me that there had to be some karmic connections with some of the challenges the organization was facing.

She asked me what I recommended and I started with two of my standard reagents for the organization.  I used Ho’Oponopono and Mirror of Life.  I knew there weren’t exactly what was needed, but that was the best I had.

Then I read a notice from Brian Besco with Twisted Sage.  He explained his work in removing the “Program of Suffering” that has been holding onto large portions of humanity.  It wasn’t until my early-hours meditation that I took the hint….

With the “Program of Suffering” gone it is now safe to release the karmic bonds that hold us.

Throughout my practice there are the cases that seem to defy resolution.  No matter what I do, there is something that keeps me from success.

So, I produced a new reagent and cold scanned a rate so I can better manage the work.

The rate I scanned is to measure the intensity of the energy of the subject’s ‘karmic bonds’.  The reagent then removes them.

This is NOT simply a process of balancing on a rate.  These bonds reach through multiple lifetimes, innumerable lessons and endless actions, both good and evil.  These bonds represent the resonant frequency patterns produced by our many actions.

When we do anything it produces an energy pattern.  That pattern can be positive or not so much.  But each of those resonant patterns, bonds to us.  Those bonds hold us.  True freedom means those bonds must go.

That is exactly why this may not be what you are looking for.  If your current belief system revolves around balancing good and evil and suffering the consequences thereof, then please do not use this reagent.

However, the karmic bonds that hold us here stop us from ascending.  The choice is yours.  As you release your karmic bonds you will release toxins.  This reagent is definitely one to be used incrementally.   If you broadcast it, do so in short bursts stretched out over a period of time.  It you hold it, do so only for short periods.  Failure to adhere to these admonitions will result in power deotox responses.