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A combination of the 10 logarithmic levels above and below of both Light and Love.

Release Energy Blockages
learn how to release energy blockages. Disease and dysfunction go hand in hand with energy blockages.  It is like a limb with blocked circulation. Consider what happens when congestion blocks your nose or throat.  Blocked energy causes disease and that causes further blockages.  With that in mind, let’s take this a step further.

Not sick is not the same as well.  Just restricting energy flow causes issues.  Perhaps the restriction is severe enough to produce symptoms that require action.  But it is more likely the restriction is minor enough to be easily overlooked. Or perhaps the degradation has been so slow so that is was not noticeable.


Aging Is A Great Example

Remember what it felt like to be 20 years old.  Now compare that to how you feel today.  The changes happened mostly a little at a time.  As things slowly degraded you compensated and accepted them and moved on. Then one day you woke up and realized there are things you did as a youngster, you wouldn’t even consider doing today.  Those changes are a result of energy restrictions over a long period of time.

Perhaps as your body aged, your thinking aged as well. Perhaps your thinking became fixed in certain areas.  There are some things you just don’t accept any more.  Maybe you have lost your drive to learn, grow and expand your experience.  Maybe you have simply decided, that this is as good as it is going to get and that it is good enough.   Those are restrictions in your thought patterns.

Maybe things have happened that have left you with bitter feelings towards others.  Maybe it is individuals, maybe groups or even entire communities.  Feelings of bitterness are energy restrictions.

Your real estate contract restricts you. Your insurance contract restricts you.  Even your driver’s license reflects an agreement you have made that restricts you in certain ways in exchange for the privilege to drive.  Your soul contracts and karma do exactly the same things as well.

So which of those restrictions are for your highest and best good?  If disease always is associated with energy restrictions and blockages, which energy blockages are actually healthy?  Are any of them?  Maybe some of the energy blockages and restrictions you have accepted as necessary and ‘good’ are only good because of other blockages you have?

Your moral aversion to theft is a ‘good’ block. But if you had an unrestricted connection to the infinite abundance of the Universe, then the block keeping you from stealing would be redundant.  When you ‘know’ that each life is sentient and each soul is immortal, then shortening the life of another (murder) would be ridiculous.  So your moral ‘block’ about murder is simply there because there are other blocks in your energy field.

What happens when those blocks are dissolved?

We can go right back to the Bible for an analogy.  Believers view the 10 Commandments as basic laws. They govern how people are supposed to interact.  But in the original translations, the Commandments are not commands at all.  In the original translation these are a list of the characteristics of spiritual people.  People of higher levels of consciousness don’t need these. For them, it is completely unnatural for them to even think of doing them.  They don’t resist the temptation to kill or steal or covet or whatever, because they don’t HAVE that temptation.  They don’t HAVE those energetic blocks.

When we go to the base definition of love which is unrestricted communication, we see there are no blocks there; whether that love is between mother and child, spouses or between us and Source.  When there are no blocks, we feel that energy flow as love.

Likewise when we know; when we are in the ‘light’; there are no restrictions or blockages there either.

So imagine what happens when you combine the highest levels of Love and Light available in this dimension.  Blocks dissolve.  All types of blocks dissolve.  The sense of freedom from attachment is profound.  The sense of detachment is exhilarating.

However, it isn’t without its issues.  Being detached from the ordinary drama of life means you can see the misery around you and not become a part of it. You can see the mistakes others are making without feeling obligated to intervene.  It really takes you to the point where you can understand the old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. 

However, it doesn’t say the teacher will grab a hold of you and force enlightenment upon you.  It simply says the teacher will appear. In this case, you are there. In fact, you see the events and persons around you, you still feel empathy for their plights, but you are an observer.

You help when asked.  You teach as much as you can, but it is from a place of peace. 

That is “Release”.  Divine love and light in a package that dissolves energetic restrictions.