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In the last couple of years, I am seeing this same scenario play over and over.  A person is diagnosed with an issue.  The medics do everything they can, but either cannot get ahead of it, or they simply hold it off for a while and it comes right back.

Sadly, it is after this has played out and things are looking grim that these people start looking for alternative approaches.  Many times, it is simply too late.  Other times, we are able to help them and note that they suffered needlessly because they simply did not have the right question.

Whenever I look at a condition, I ask, “Is it theirs?”  Then trust the answer.

Is it theirs?

Just because they are the ones exhibiting symptoms does not mean the condition is theirs!  So, while your logical left-brain is wondering whether I have slipped, here is what I have found.  As always, if what I have found does not resonate with you, or your spiritual beliefs or understandings, then simply go on.  What is true for me, may not be for you and that is ok.  Our reality is much more diverse and flexible than most of us give it credit.

My reasoning for asking this question boils down to this.  Things do not happen to us.  There is nothing random or arbitrary in our world.  Everything is connected.  We live in a hologram of light controlled by consciousness.

In a hologram all the information for the whole is contained in every part.  Since it is all connected, and controlled by a single consciousness, then there can be no purely random events…..

Things do not happen “to” us.  They happen through us and for us.  Everything is an opportunity to learn or to teach.  That goes for situations as well as afflictions and infections.  It all carries a lesson.

But some in our society, are taught to take on the burden of others.  In addition, many in the healing professions find their clients tend to ‘dump’ their issues on their caretakers.  When you carry someone else’s burden, you can neither learn the lesson associated with the burden, nor can you teach it.  It isn’t yours.

So, when you seek treatment for the symptoms associated with the issue, you are often unsuccessful.  Until you release and return the issue to its’ rightful owner, you will not be able to clear it.

I built a release and return reagent to do just that.  If you have a wellness practice where you deal with numbers of individuals, I highly recommend the reagent.  But if you deal mainly with friends, loved ones and pets, then it may not be necessary.

Release and Return

Quite simply, dowse to see if they are willing and able to release the issue back to its owner.  You do not have to know who (or what) it is.  Their higher self already knows.  The other issue, which is a bit more tricky, the owner has to accept it.

If the owner is not willing or able to accept it, then release and return the issue to Source (Creator, God, Spirit)

These are dowsing steps.  It takes some time, with peace and quiet to center yourself, make the connection and go through the process, but other than that it is pretty straightforward.

Once they have released and returned the issue, addressing the symptoms is simply a matter of standard radionics.  In fact, at this point standard allopathic approaches will probably work as well and you may even notice marked improvement even before you start to balance.

I built “Release and Return” simply because I find it easier in many cases to use my instrument instead of my own energy.  The other point is, that by using my instrument, I don’t end up with their ‘stuff’ when they release it.

A case in point is someone that went through the entire allopathic treatment, including chemo and radiation.  They were declared ‘cured’ sent on their way and then a few years later, the issue has returned, but this time it is more aggressive than ever before.

Causes are energetic, symptoms are physical

This goes back to the premise that causes are energetic, while symptoms are physical.  If the conditions we see in the physical are the result of what is happening in the energetic, then addressing symptoms is no more durable than correcting the spelling errors on a computer print-out.

Sure, you can circle the errors and correct the spelling, but the next time it prints, your work is lost.  It is not a lot different in our daily world.  Our goal then, is to find and correct the causes of issues.  In this case, that includes returning the ‘lesson’ to its rightful owner.

Until you try it and see the results it all sounds a bit ‘out there’.  But in my work, results are what matters.  If something works, I use it and try to understand it.  In this case, release and return works.  Don’t take my word for, try it.

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