There is so much, anger, angst and uncertainty.  Step into your quiet space with “Peace” and let the healing begin.  Broadcast it to calm the storm in others.


Peace, we hear the word, we crave the feeling and we wish it to our neighbors and the entire world.  But what is it?  Like many words we use everyday, we feel what they mean but how often do we take the time to examine that feeling.

One of the most critical things we do in radionics is examine and question.  Until we can solidify an intent, we cannot capture the frequency of that intent.

It is that examination that takes us from the vague definition of an emotion to a tangible frequency package.  Since ‘peace’ is a frequency, it is real.  Since it is real, we can capture it and potentize it into a reagent.  Which is exactly what I did.

By doing so, I examined ‘peace’ in detail so I could understand what I was dealing with.

Certainly, we can use a simple rate to capture the bare essence.  The Kelly Rate book has a 4-bank rate for it: (12-22)(19.75-67).  But the bare essence of something is just a shadow of the reality.  When you add the fractal layers of information, you end up with a complex symphony of information that goes way beyond the mere physical.

Peace is more than the absence of conflict. On an energetic level it is closely related to love.  Where love is a measurement of the free flow of energy and information.  Peace describes that flow.  It is a flow without constriction, conflict, or turbulence. 

There is harmony in the energy flow of peace.  There is a quietness.  The energy flow is so smooth it feels almost like stillness….  As an analogy when aviation pioneers were first breaking the sound barrier, they experienced massive turbulence; many times the turbulence destroyed their aircraft, but after they  passed the speed of sound, everything smoothed out.

Without conflicts, or turbulence, peace can become boring.  But in the interval, it allows the time, space and energy to heal and recover.  Peace doesn’t necessarily imply stasis, but more like a steady pace.  The rate of change is stable.  Things are moving and changing but it is smooth and effortless.

Maybe you have experienced severe traumas; perhaps physical, emotional, or spiritual.  Those conflicting energies disrupt and distract.  But when you can step into the energy of peace, even for an instant, all your energy can focus on healing.

Use “Peace” as a way to help still your thoughts.  It will assist you to become calm and centered.  “Peace” helps give you the breathing space to recover and resume.  Use it to help calm the storm in others.

One of the key reagents in the “Journey of Fulfillment” series is “In the Now”.  The reason being that in order to get into the Heartspace you cannot be worried about the future or conflicted with the past.  You must be present; in the now.

Most people find “In the Now” works perfectly to help them get into the heartspace, but find it difficult to stay present otherwise.  “Peace” is exactly what is needed to stay present.  It doesn’t make the issues go away, but it moves them off center-stage.

Once you are at “Peace” and can stay centered, then you can deal with worry and regret at the level it deserves.  The past is gone, the future is not here, there is only now.  And in the now, there is only Peace.

I personally have great difficulty with dental procedures.  I have a lot of unresolved trauma about past work still in my energy field.  Meditation, tapping and my other energy work have lessened it, but it is still there.

Even so, when I am in that chair and the dentist is about to inject something, or grind something or whatever, when I dial directly into the ‘now’ there is Peace.  In the fraction of the millisecond of ‘now’, there is no grinding, no pain, no anticipation; just “Peace”.

Years ago, I was taught that when there is pain, put your full intent into the center of that pain and it will go away.  That process absolutely works, and it works every time.  (the only issue is staying in the pain until it resolves).  But I find Peace is easier.  Peace smooths out the energy blockages and surges.  Peace makes it all bearable….

When you delve deeply into the essence of everyday things and everyday expressions that are fundamental truths to carry you to the next level.