Optimal Operating System


Unlock the possibilities.  What ‘normal’ conditions can you simply ‘opt-out’ of?


If I were to simply tell you that your ‘operating system is not optimal and requires updating’, you would likely just move on.  So, before I tell you that, let me explain what I mean and why it is important.

We live in a reality of light controlled by consciousness.  If we think of it as a computer, then our body is like the ‘output’ of the computer.  The DNA is like the computer.  Our soul or spirit is the computer operator.

In between the computer and the operator is the operating system.

The operating system on our desktops is what runs the programs and translates them for the computer to produce the output.  For the most part, Windows only runs Windows-based programs.  Apple, only runs Apple-based programs and Linux, Linux programs.

With all the new viruses, malware, and advances, you may have noticed that your desktop computer regularly installs updates.  Often these updates are automatically installed.  The only way you may even notice them is that sometime overnight your computer restarted and you have to load all your programs and check to see what data you lost.

When my desktop recently did that, I began thinking about the human model.  If I have an ‘operating system’ when was it last updated?  Dowsing gave me a date.  When I checked my clients, friends and loved ones, I got dates for their last updates as well.

That told me a couple of things.  First, if the operating system is getting updated, that means it is not perfect.  If it is not perfect, then by definition it is not divine.  The other thing this told me is that my ‘operating system’ is in communication with the ‘owners’ or ‘authors’ of it.  I do not know who or what they are, or if they have my highest interests at heart.

So, if it is not divine, do I want them to have access?  Second, if it is not divine is the ‘Optimal Operating System” available for me?

As it turns out, the ‘Optimal Operating System’ is available.

This reagent is designed to help you ‘download and install’ it.

Here are the advantages:

  • Many of the issues we deal with are ‘operating system’ specific. For instance, malware written for Windows doesn’t run on Apple computers.
  • Our ‘negative programs’ don’t run on the optimal system.
  • The optimal system gives us access to programs (abilities) we thought were impossible.

This single reagent revolutionized my work.  A fair percentage of what I thought were my ‘best’ reagents are now redundant.  My clients are seeing better and faster results than ever before.

Imagine a world where many of the things you consider normal, are only normal because they are what everyone seems to be experiencing.  But as soon as you make this change, those things no longer apply.

I recommend extensive balancing before you broadcast ‘Optimal Operating System’, simply because the new system releases a lot of stored toxins (emotional, spiritual, physical).  In addition, the deep healing that results, takes a lot of energy and information (light and nutrition).  It will work without the preparation, but the results are better if the subject is better prepared.

Now, dowse for yourself.  Are you running your ‘Optimal Operating System’?  When you install it, what things will no longer apply?  What diseases are suddenly not an issue?  Is ‘normal’ aging even necessary?  What about healing old wounds?  What about other opportunities?

I have already added several ‘new’ programs to run on the optimal system.  These are specifically designed to regenerate, rejuvenate and to reverse the effects of aging.  Time will tell how effective the new programs are.  But one thing is for sure; installing your ‘Optimal Operating System’ is a critical part of health and wellness.