Mirror of Life


A tool of protection and transformation.

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To Sir; with love…

Fairy tales tell us of ‘magic mirrors’.  Energy workers tell us about returning ‘bad’ frequencies to the sender.  Quantum physicists tell us about phase conjugate mirrors that return signal to the sender out of phase.  These mirrors started me thinking….

A radionic version of a phase conjugate mirror that would reflect all incoming energies to the sender, out of phase.  A ‘return to sender’ type of thing.  It would simply reflect.  The reflection would make the holder invisible to the attacker.

Then I considered adding a multiplier to it.  That would take away the invisibility but would hit the attacker with a multiple of whatever he used.  Kind and loving thoughts would be multiplied and returned as well.  So, for those that wish me well, it strengthens them and those that do not, I use their own energy to overcome them.

But, returning evil for evil does not make the world a better place.  Likewise, many non-beneficial thoughts and energies are not malicious, more likely just tired and afraid.  Then I also considered the energy workers and empaths that get worn down when they work with people.

Often the non-beneficial attachments must be cleared, or the client drains your energy.

The inspiration (meaning it is most likely not my idea at all) came by combining the mirror and the multiplier.  The real ‘magic mirror’ reflects only love.  The enchanted mirror in the fairy tale always reflected the most beautiful parts of the person.  That is what I really wanted.  I wanted a ‘magic mirror’ that reflected only love.

 Better yet, it not only reflects but also amplifies.  I wanted a mirror of life, that feeds, nurtures, and strengthens.  No matter who or what was near, I wanted it to reflect love.

Love is the unrestricted flow of energy and information.  It is pure energy, without conditions.  Its purity washes away the impurities.  It breaks up restrictions.  When any of us are standing in a frequency wave of love, it is dissolving incoherent energy blockages.

An empath can stand near it, send love and get recharged.  Anger, fear or worry, gets turned around and fed back as love.  “Mirror of Life” is an artesian well of what is best and most beautiful.   It is the enchanted well-spring of life and love.

Simply holding it protects and nurtures.  Non-beneficial energies are transmuted.  Negative attachments are repelled.  When it is in your field, not only are you protected from non-beneficial energies, you are also invisible to your energy adversaries.  Whenever they look for you all they see is love.

As with all my tools, there is always something more; something deeper, something better.  Perhaps the best feature of Mirror of Life is the one I least expected.

A Huna master taught me that our picture of ourselves is the reflection we see from others.  He said, we consciously and subconsciously respond and adjust our actions based on how others respond to us.  The faults we most easily see in others are the ones we see in ourselves.  We want others to see the ‘character’ we are work so hard to craft and protect.

However, in our heart-of-hearts we know that the character we portray is not who we really are.  Most of us work very hard to hide the dark parts and highlight the parts we see as admirable.

Well guess what happens when your ‘mirror’ only reflects the best, the highest and the most beautiful?  Guess what happens when others only see love in your energy field?

You change.  Consciously and unconsciously, you adjust.  The more love that is reflected, the more you project.  Those parts that don’t resonate, are no longer being fed.  The darkness atrophies.

Then the ‘Law of Attraction’ steps in.  The love you project and reflect brings more of the same.  The people seeking the highest and best tend to be drawn together.  This ‘tool of defense’ has become a tool of change.  While it repels the darkness, it dissolves it as well.  As it reflects love, it manifests it.

“Mirror of Life” is truly a magic mirror.