Mercy the highest form of love. Basic version with fractals and perfect 5th.

They say mercy is the highest form of love. When most of us think of mercy we picture someone asking mercy from another, or perhaps asking for mercy from a deity. But mercy is much more than just a superficial favor or forgiveness. It is a fundamental part of creation. In fact, mercy is an essential part of Creation. Think of Love, Light and Compassion as nouns and Mercy as the action, to-do verb. Our physical reality is the border between Creation and Uncreated. Matter is the debris of manifested creation. Scriptures describe how we have ‘fallen’ and are working our way back to God. New Age writers describe the same thing in terms of frequency and as we raise our frequency we will leave the material world and return to the spiritual one. All these sources speak of a return to spirit. They all teach we were once one with Creator and now we are not. But if we do the proper things and work on ourselves we can raise our frequency (clear our sins) and return to Spirit (God). Mercy is a critical part of that process. The move away from spirit into matter is a move away from Creator. It is a move away from spirit where all is possible into matter. In my current view beyond matter is Uncreated. Matter lies at the boundary between what has been created and the uncreated. Mercy, rather than being an intangible act of charity it what moves us back from the uncreated into matter and then back to Creator. My current view is that the act of separating from Creator and then returning expands reality. The return to Creator is mercy. The way the Universe expands into the Uncreated is by separating and returning. So those that are of the highest frequency are those that have returned. Those of the lowest frequency are those that are furthest out on the boundary. Both are necessary for Creation to expand. The act of ‘falling away’ from Creator is not an act of rebellion, but is a necessary sacrifice in order for Creation to expand. Those that are the least connected to Creator are part of the expansion of Creation. They are going further out into the Uncreated. The ones who we find the least loveable and whose actions we detest the most are the ones doing the hardest work. In fact our judgement of them and their actions is simply and indicator of our own distance from Creator. When we judge we do so from a point of ignorance. We do so from a place that is not connected to Creator. That is because the act of judgement freezes energy into a fixed pattern. The more fixed the pattern the more material. In life when there is a blockage of energy there is disease. Given enough disease, the organism dies and the minerals of the carcass return to their natural state. Given time, these minerals often turn into rocks and become even more fixed. On the other hand, the most loveable, the most connected to Creator are the ones that have gone out and then reconnected. The closer to Creator the fewer the energy blockages. The fewer blocks the healthier. So what does all this esoteric nonsense have to do with practical radionics? First, pushing the boundary of Creation is an Act of Mercy itself. Creator is driven to expand Creation. Therefore, those things we judge as evil are necessary parts of the expansion. Evil in whole and in part is necessary to expand Creation. Where there is no separation from Creator, there is no growth. Creation without growth becomes stagnant. Stagnant Creation precipitates out of spirit into matter…. But the return to Creator increases energy flow, dissolves judgements, dissolves energy blockages and that increases overall health and wellness. In my view, I see health and wellness issues as issues of energy flow. Engineers have several ways to increase flow. One way is to increase the capacity of the lines. You can also increase the pressure. You can remove excess corners and bends in the lines and make the inside of the lines as smooth as possible. Another way is to decrease the viscosity of the fluid. For instance, if the blood is too thick, blood pressure increases in order to push the blood into the capillaries. By increasing Mercy in an organism, I am doing all those things. By doing so, energy flow increases, and diseases subside. Since Mercy is present throughout Creation it has both fractal layers (as part of this dimension) and logarithmic layers as well. So far I have found only a handful of things that have both. Most of our day to day reality does not translate throughout Creation, but Mercy does.