Mental Clarity | Radionics Reagents


Whether it is ‘back to school’ or new job responsibilities, clear thinking is an absolute must.  Best your best!

Mental Clarity is an absolute must in today’s world.  Jobs, school, even day to to day life requires a clear head.  Good decisions may also mean the difference between success and failure.  I cannot guarantee higher IQ or higher test results, but everyone that uses it or carries it, Loves it!  They tell me it does exactly as the name implies and as an added bonus it is also very grounding…. Imagine that, clear thought and grounding are related….Hmmmm.

When you need that edge, perhaps Mental Clarity is the edge you have been looking for.
Reasons Why Mental Clarity is So Important
1. Clarity helps you find focus and direction
2. Clarity makes it easier to get things done
3. Clarity makes it easier to prioritize
4. Clarity helps you push through doubt
5. Clarity helps you feel content
Energy Healing in Radionics
Radionics Instruments are used in multiple industries: energy healing radionics, farming, livestock, and nutrition. Lifeforce has many different names. It’s Chi in the East, occasionally we hear it referred to as orgone or od. Each tradition describes different properties. So while they may all be referring to the same thing, they might be referring to a combination of different things.

Radionics is the shamanic art and metaphysical science of local and distant manifestation. It uses intention programmed instruments and patterns to shield and protect and to amplify, store and elevate frequencies of Reiki, Homeopathy, Acupuncture of the animate and inanimate form. Also, radionics is an energy balancing technique. Our natural intuitive faculties discover imbalances. Additionally, promotes a normal energetic field. However, it is independent of the distance between practitioner and subject.

Radionic instruments amplify and ‘balance’ the subtle energy field of the subject. This can be a photograph, hair snippet or another biological sample. A good quality digital photograph is the best form of radionic witness. Just like a hologram, the image stores the information of the subject and a digital file cannot be contaminated like a biological sample can. This is not a supernatural phenomenon but something that dowsers and radionic practitioners have proved for themselves. The light which forms a photograph creates a crystallization of the energy matrix of the subject.