Master Healer



Our scriptures and history books are filled with stories of Master Healers.  Some are described as anointed by Deity.  Others said they were just conduits of healing energy.  None of the healers claimed any medical expertise.  None spent time with the details of the healing; not the tissue repair, nor the physiological processes.

Stories of modern-day healers are well documented.  Even after the frauds have been exposed, there are still many energy healers, who’s work medical science cannot explain.

These healers simply form a powerful healing intent and convey that intent.  Some worked just with individuals, others worked with crowds.  If I had not seen some of this work firsthand, I would still be skeptical.  But I have seen it.  Miracle healing happens.  These healers walk among us.

Not all of them wear a mantle of spirituality.  In fact, one of the most powerful healers I know, is not someone you would think of as spiritual.  But looks are deceiving.  While he doesn’t ‘look’ spiritual, he lives with a closer connection to Spirit, than most of us will ever know.

You wouldn’t feel comfortable asking him to speak at your child’s school, but if your child was hurt, there is no one better.

It is not the image or the trappings that make the healer, it is their ability to connect to the healing energy and convey it to where it is needed.  That is the key to the Master Healer.

It is my belief that all of us have the ability to become a Master Healer.  All we must do, is learn how to do what Master Healers have been doing for centuries.  Anointing, won’t make you a healer. 

Being a Master Healer is in reach for all of us.  This reagent helps you tune into that Master Healer within.  It is up to you to do the rest of the work, but this will help you get on that path.