Love (20-20)


Higher Logarithmic Layers of Unconditional Love Test-tube size solid quartz tube.  FREE shipping in US

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Quit thinking that Love is merely an emotion.  In its’ most basic sense Love is the unrestricted flow of information.  That may be between you and your spouse, or even you and your dog. You may love a sport because you understand that sport at a very deep level.  Again, that is energy and information flow.  So when you use Love (20-20) it has nothing (directly) to do with any emotional issues, it is about dissolving the blocks to energy flow, not only in the 3D physical, but also throughout the closest logarithmic layers of Creation.

My work with Logarithmic Layers of Creation is covered elsewhere, in short our reality is built layer upon layer upon energetic layer. Vedic tradition teaches Ganesh built reality one logarithmic layer at a time for 33 layers.These layers may be the same that we see in the aura, or not.  But in any case, when we add logarithmic layers to a standard rate we bring in a tremendous amount of new information.

Pete Radatti says that a radionic rate is like an address in the information field.  That is why we are able to store as much information in our reagents as we do.  I don’t disagree, but I like to take the analogy further.  So a basic one-bank rate is like an address that gets us to the right county.  Add another bank and we are in the same town.  Then as we add more banks, we get more information and a more precise location.  So my fractal, harmonic and logarithmic rates have much more detail and are therefore much more powerful.

Or another way to look at it is musically.  A single horn can play a melody.  Add another horn and some percussion and you have a tune, but when you add the rest of the orchestra you have a symphony.  So the same tune suddenly turns into something much richer and more complete.

For instance, Love (20-20) starts with the rate for unconditional love (33-33.50).  I then added fractal layers above and below and their harmonies, and then began building the logarithmic layers until I reached layer 10.  (Theory states there are 33 layers above and below, so I am less than 2/3 of the way.  But for our work in the physical plane level 20-20 seems to be optimal.)

The healing and balancing properties of this reagent are profound.  One of the most talented intuitive healers I know sees a divine energy like a laser going directly into the center of the cells healing them from the inside out. Each logarithmic layer of Love is more powerful and profound than the one before.  I thought Unconditional Love (33-33.50) was great, but when I built Love (10-10) I realized just how powerful love could be. That led me to build Love (20-20).

Love (20-20) has 20 logarithmic layers of unconditional love above and 20 below.  That is 41 layers of frequencies PLUS the harmonics of each.  The number of individual rates to build this are staggering.

Another had a young cat that just had a kitten.  She carried her newborn around, but didn’t nurse it.  The newborn cried, but the young mother just carried it around and laid it at her owner’s feet. So the owner took Love (20-20) and gave the energy to the mother and kitten.  Within a very short time, the young kitten was nursing and both were very happy.

In another case, I potentized a small quartz sphere with Love (20-20).  My client has parents that are in their 90’s and have many of the ailments that plague the elderly.  It has been on their table for several weeks and they have not noticed it.  But both the husband and wife became more active and seem happier as well. (coincidence?)

There is another client that has had emotional issues related to past traumas that have interfered with his relationships and his happiness.  Simply broadcasting Love (20-20) at a low level over an extended period has helped him become much more stable and he is now enjoying life more.

While it doesn’t seem to produce the Energy of Creation that the Bliss Series generates, the two work well together.  Where you have those tough cases of deep emotional or spiritual trauma, Love (20-20) seems to go straight to the issues.  Disease and dysfunction are only possible when there are blocks in the flow of energy.  Love (20-20) removes those blocks; spiritually, emotionally and physically.