Radionic Balancing


Balancing the most foundational frequencies and harmonies, for wellness and longevity.

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History is filled with stories of people that lived for hundreds of years.  Adam and Eve were 900 when they left the Garden of Eden.  Noah and Isaac were hundreds of years old as well.  We see similar records in the Egyptian histories.  But after the Biblical Flood, lifespans decreased to what we see today.  If the stories and records are accurate, something changed at the time of the Flood.

I seek to find the cause behind the cause and correct the energetic imbalances.  My research has led me to conclude that the extended lifespans of our ancestors is our natural state.  My program is designed to help you regain your birthright.  If our natural state is to live for centuries, then it is our responsibility to ourselves and our children to regain what is rightfully ours.

As I continue to learn, my program continues to evolve and improve.  We won’t know how effective it will be for years or perhaps decades.  However; pets have shown remarkable results.  Several clients have seen lessening of symptoms of chronic conditions.  Others have noticed increased energy.  One had such a dramatic improvement in eyesight; he had to get new glasses.  An older client had a marked increase in libido.

These results are not scientific proof. But they are anecdotal evidence the program is working. 

Radionic analysis indicates remarkable and perhaps unbelievable increases in projected longevity.  Early in the program, I monitored it closely, but within months the readings went over 100 years and kept climbing.

My program is designed to stimulate dormant portions of DNA that detect and correct errors in cellular replication.  It is these errors and incomplete and incorrect healing that we see as aging.  Simply detecting and correcting those errors can be like the magical ‘fountain of youth’.  But that is just one aspect of the program.

Another aspect stimulates the etheric connections to support information flow from the morphogenic field.  This not only supports physical healing but also stimulates intuitive gifts. One portion works to strengthen your energetic blueprint.  Another supports the immune system at the cellular level.  Still another portion is targeted at the pathogens in the body.  While another dissolves energetic and Karmic blockages.

If the stories of ancient humans living for hundreds of years are true and we have the same DNA, then this is possible.  If it is possible, then there is a way to find out what changed and a way to change it back. The upside of this program is inestimable.  Imagine what even as few as an extra 10 healthy years could mean to you or a loved one.  Stretch your imagination to 50 and the possibilities are endless.  Then when you have some time, start thinking about how different your life would be if you were to live as long as Noah…..  We may be that close to finding out.

For standard cases, the fee covers one month of balancing.  For special or complex cases, special rates apply.

Balancing does two things:
  1. It supports your physical well-being and may affect your longevity. At the least, you can expect to feel better and have more energy.
  2. It supports my research into better and more fundamental ways to support the natural processes which extend life.

I cannot guarantee your results.  I offer no medical advice and this is not a medical program.  It is a chance; a chance for you to live without the debilitating effects of aging.  It is a chance that you may live for as long as you want. />

Getting Started:
  1. Send a picture of your full face, eyes open no glasses (no one else in the picture) to my lab.  Include a small hair sample.  In addition, provide your full name, Mother’s maiden name, your date of birth and place of birth.
  2. Included with the samples and information, please detail your current physical issues, including symptoms and medications.  If you are overweight, include your current weight as well.  Be as detailed as possible so that you and we can periodically determine what has changed and what needs further attention.