I am Light. I am. (radionic reagent)

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Stimulate the Light of Enlightenment.

And God said, let there be light; and there was light.  The first time a preacher read that to me, I assumed it had to do with light like a flashlight. I imagined God forming bright and shiny stars and filling Creation with them.  I have now come to the conclusion that is just a superficial understanding of what that verse means.

In my view, Light in this context is the Light of Enlightenment.  The real treasure we are all seeking is an enlightened understanding of our reality.  In the Masonic tradition the aspiring Mason is asked, ‘What do you seek?’  His answer is ‘light’.

When we measure Level of Consciousness (LOC) we get an inkling of this same concept. Those that operate at the survival level of the Root Chakra often test at an LOC of less than 200.  Honesty and integrity are not as important to them as simply surviving.  Surviving to them may mean adding another zero to their bank account or cheating a partner of spouse, but in its purest essence they see what they are doing as simply what has to be done to survive.  These people have very little ‘Light’.

On the other end of the spectrum are those that operate as if the rules of survival don’t apply.  They give selflessly.  They don’t track who owes them.  For people of a lower LOC they seem naïve and perhaps even a little simple.  These people often see those working at the lower levels with a great deal of empathy, because they realize that most suffering is self-imposed.  They can be seen helping and trying to lift people out of ignorance and selfishness.  Often their efforts are ignored exploited or wasted.  The issue is not that people in survival mode need ‘more’ things, they simply need more Light.

That being said, simply having everything a person could ever want or need, does not mean they are not still operating at a survival mode. Some of the most materialistic and wealthy people in the world are the least enlightened.  In fact, there is almost a direct relationship that shows the most enlightened people often have the fewest possessions……

The higher the Level of Consciousness, the more ‘Light’.  The more ‘Light’ the better a person can understand reality as a whole. With more ‘Light’ comes the understanding that we live in an infinite and abundant Universe that is generated by our thoughts and actions.  So the people with more light, often see those of lessor light as brutish, confused and lost.

In reality both views are correct.  Those that operate in a world of survival have created a reality where might makes right.  Those that operate in a world of light, operate in infinite abundance. Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

I built the “Light Series” originally as tools to deal with dark energetic attachments.  The idea was to “enlighten” them.  That would dissolve their karma and release them from their contracts and free them as sentient beings to grow, prosper and move on.   Brian Besco ( teaches that even the most dangerous of energetic attachments, entities, and beings are sentient.  He taught that we all have contracts in this life that bind us to certain roles.  So instead of ‘fighting the demons’ and ‘sending them to the fiery pit of Hell’, he showed that adding love and light can dissolve their contracts and free them to go on.  That same love and light frees us as well.

Our own karma is associated with learning lessons.  Those lessons are a form of Light.  Sickness is a type of darkness; lack of communication or miscommunication.

Sickness is a manifestation of a lack of Light.

When I deal with an issue, I ask if the lesson associated with the issue has been learned.  Only if the lesson has been learned can I expect success.  Learning is a step in enlightenment.  That lesson is a form of Light.  So in its most basic sense sickness is a form of ignorance or a lack of Light.

Fear comes from not knowing. By definition ‘not-knowing’ is ignorance.  Ignorance is a lack of knowing and a lack of ‘Light’.  So by definition, even fear is simply a lack of ‘Light’.  Adding ‘Light’ reduces fear.  It is the not-knowing that scares us.

“I am Light. I am.” takes that thirst for knowledge and brings it in.  Disease and dysfunction thrive in darkness, this takes that inner-darkness away.   Not only do I see increased General Vitality, but I also see a dramatic increase in Level of Consciousness.

When we understand the reality we have created for ourselves, we also understand that we are the ones that make changes to that reality.  That understanding (light) relieves suffering and promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

A Druid Priestess told me that humanity’s karma has been fulfilled.  She said the lessons that needed to be learned as humans have all been learned.  The lessons of love, lust, treachery, suffering, wealth and poverty have all been learned.  She said now it was simply a matter of humanity getting out of its own way and moving forward.

“I am Light. I am.” helps us to manifest our potential as individuals and as a species.  It is our opportunity to help ourselves, help our fellow humans as well as any other creatures or entities that have been trapped in this cycle of life, death and suffering.

Perhaps when our scriptures tell us ‘let there be light’, this is what they  talking about….

As you are climbing out of survival mode and helping others as well, you will still need material support in addition to the added Light.  But the ‘Light’ shields you from fear.  Certainly there are still unknowns, but at the highest levels those unknowns are simply details and nothing more.  So as you see more of the patterns around you, you are able to prepare and minimize any suffering.  You are also more able to understand the suffering of others.

While I described the more spiritual aspects of Light, the added ‘Light’ shines into each organ, tissue and cell.  That Light is information that supports cellular function, repair and replication.  That same Light dissolves energy blockages.  “I am Light. I am.”  is an excellent healing tool for spiritual, emotional and physical issues.