Life Force


Life Force a fundamental part of life as we know it.


We talk about life force but rarely take the time to try to figure out what it is.  Even in my classes I casually mention the benefit of using a radionics instrument over your own ‘life force’, but I don’t explain what it is.

Life Force is not part of our physical reality, but is part of consciousness.  It interfaces with our physical world, animates tissue, but is not physical.   We understand what it does and can tell the difference between living and dead, but other than that we don’t know much more.

For our purposes, we can look at Life Force as a scalar energy pattern.  There are actually two Life Force patterns we work with, but for now, let’s just focus on one.

In  a nutshell, if Life Force goes to zero the organism dies.  So, by balancing Life Force, we can support life at a very basic level.  However, it DOES NOT address WHY Life Force has fallen and needs support.  So, consider this reagent as no more than a stop-gap approach to buy you time to be able to find and address the cause of the issue.