Lack; the Insidious Poison


Lack limits what we think is possible, so it limits what we try…..

Lack, there is no more insidious poison in our lives than the feeling there is not enough; not enough stuff, not enough time, not enough friends, not enough love, etc. etc. Lack is so built into our society it acts like a driving force guiding nearly every move. All our property laws are built around dealing with lack. We measure property and evaluate its worth and carefully prescribe the rules as to how it is kept, distributed and used. Many of our criminal laws boil down to that same feeling of lack. Certainly theft and property crimes, but most other crimes come from lack. Our Universe is made of energy and information. It is made of light and for all intents and purposes it is infinite. Even the measurably finite resources on this planet are more than enough for all. That deeply ingrained lack consciousness drives greed and hoarding and accumulation. But worse than that, and what makes it important in our work, is LACK limits what we THINK we can do. The same lack mentality that drives Bill Gates to accumulate billions, also drives us to mediocracy. I limit my options based upon my education, my dreams based upon what I feel is possible, my work based on what I understand is real and what is just fantasy. Since it such a major part of our cultural training, none of us (myself included) really understands what it means when we say; ‘all things are possible’. We simply don’t allow ourselves to include ‘all things’. At best we include some things and perhaps even a few more than others do, but if we really understood the concept of infinite possibilities; our lives would not be the same. If all things are possible, then levitation and walking on water and instant healing, and time travel and telekinesis and telepathy and all those things are possible. In our work we see just the shadows of those things. It is my opinion we don’t see more of it, NOT because it is not possible, but because we don’t believe they are. A few years ago, the idea of doubling General Vitality was considered impossible. Now, if I work with a subject for very long at all and make standard progress, within a few weeks or months, the General Vitality will be so high it loses its value as a measure or guide. A few years ago we expected a slow and steady improvement in health as we work. Now we expect to see at least some results the very next day or sooner. Our reality changes as quickly as we allow it. If we simply de-program the lack limitations from our thinking, everything becomes easier. The rich are often point out the poor are poor because they choose to be. While I personally believe those sentiments are arrogant, selfish and ignorant, there is some truth there. Each of us has a set of limitations we have built into our belief system. Each of us has a preset limit on what we can accept. So the poor don’t choose to be poor, they simply have too many blockages in the way of them seeing themselves any other way. Once they accept ‘who’ they are, the rest of reality works day and night to bring that intent into fruition. In our work, once you accept you can perform ‘miracles’ you will find yourself routinely doing so. Once you KNOW how powerful your instrument is, you be able to keep pushing the limits to see just how much more it can do. If you believe you cannot stop a disease, you are correct. If you believe that no disease can stop you, that is correct as well. It is all energy and information, add energy to the things you want and take it from the things you don’t. For my 5 Aces students there is nothing I find more important for you than confidence and imagination. Dissolve those blockages and instead of accepting the impossible, try to figure how you would do something if it were possible. Let’s take walking on water for an example. Jesus is reported having done that, but other then Him there are few others that make that claim. But if it happened once, then it is possible. Let’s assume then it is possible. Let’s further assume we can figure a way to make that happen. When water is frozen the molecules cannot slide past each other and they form crystals. Those crystals have a relatively fixed form. So, we can walk on ice. Small bugs walk on water, because the surface tension of the water is so strong their feet don’t break through. We also know that surface tension of water changes when the water is structured. It loses surface tension when the water is contaminated. Now we have a path of questioning that may lead us somewhere. Now we can dowse to see if simply increasing surface tension of water is sufficient to allow us to walk on it. Your dowsing will tell you yes or no. IF yes, then the next question is do you have the equipment and expertise to sufficiently increase the surface tension of water enough for you to walk on it. This may be a good time to ask if it is more easily done barefoot or with socks and shoes. Maybe it will take a combination of increasing surface tension and decreasing gravity. Simply levitating would keep us from sinking….. but if we don’t weigh anything, it will be difficult to get traction to move forward. We have seen the sci-fi movies where water forms into shapes and creatures. How would that be done? How would a column of water be formed where it would support your foot when step down? Certainly, it the water were coming from a pipe with sufficient velocity it could push your foot up. Now, just in case, your logical so-called science mind is trying to discourage you, take a moment to revisit the work of Viktor Schauberger, the Water Wizard. He studied how salmon swam upstream and how water can produce energy when it swirled. His designs for log flumes are still famous for their ability to support logs using very little water. His design is the one we see when anyone references the Nazi’s flying saucers. Conventional science cannot explain how a salmon jumps out of the water to swim upstream. The casual observer can see the fish swim somewhat aimlessly in a couple of circles and then suddenly it leaps out of the water. We don’t know how it is done. Schauberger figured it out. So, the idea of walking on water is not so far-fetched as you may have thought. I may simply be a part of science we do not understand. Further as long as we conclude it is impossible, we will never ask the right questions to figure out HOW it may be possible. The limitations are not in science. The limitations are in imagination. After all we live in a reality of energy and information. All the stuff around us is just light. We already know a lot about manipulating light. We can focus it to see things better, we can cut steel with it, we can use it for healing. So, manipulating that same light so we can walk on water is just another thing. If we ask the wrong questions we will always get the wrong answers. But if we don’t ask questions, we get no answers. The same lack mentality limits the daily enjoyment of life. That same lack keeps us in jobs we hate, and unhappy relationships. But that lack is just a phantom. It is part of the rules of life we have accepted as real. In our work we already question the rules most people believe about action at a distance, repelling pests without poisons and watching people heal themselves. That gives us a tremendous advantage over most of the rest of the population. So, how big a leap is it to keep opening our minds to more and more possibilities? What is the danger of examining the limitations we accept and discarding the ones that no longer serve us?