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Joy is the pure uplifting emotion of innocent happiness in the now.


The Joy Radionics Raegent brings bliss and joy. Joy is the emotion of peace, happiness and safety in the now. Children feel joy almost every day. They feel joy when they seen their friends at school. They feel joy when they see their parents after school.  An ice cream can bring them joy as well as a favorite toy or a pet.

Adults often spend much of their time thinking about past mistakes and possible future problems.  There is no better time, to stop and feel joy than right now.  There is no better state of mind for healing than joy.

A friend and mentor told me that we can experience bliss but cannot live there.  On the other hand, we can remain in a state of joy every waking minute.  I cannot say that I am able to do that, but I do know that when I am in the ‘joy-state’ the minor day-to-day problems just seem less important.  Even the daily news onslaught loses its appeal.  I just don’t resonate with drama.

People heal faster when they are not stressed.  It is impossible (as far as I know) to be both joyful and stressed.  So “Joy” is a powerful healing reagent just on its own.

People describe it as warm and uplifting.  Personally, I like to just hold it; it feels good.  I am adding it to my regular broadcasts for loved ones, clients and my property.  Time will tell what may come of it. 

Radionics Instruments

Energy Healing Radionics Instruments are used in multiple industries: energy healing radionics, farming, livestock, and nutrition. Life force is defined in many different names. It’s Chi in the East, occasionally we hear it referred to as orgone or od. Each tradition describes different properties. So while they may all be referring to the same thing, they might be referring to a combination of different things.