Journey of Fulfillment


A step on the road to happiness.

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We all strive for happiness. In some, this takes the form of service to others. In others, it is the pursuit of a goal. Some pursue wealth for its own sake, others pursue spiritual progression. But personal happiness is only found when the Heart’s Desire and the Soul’s Desire coincide.

Sadly, most of us rarely examine either and bringing the two together is an exceedingly rare event. These two can only meet in the heartspace. Perhaps that is why so many spiritual traditions include meditations and practices that start by going into the silence of the heartspace. Perhaps it is the need to go into the heartspace, that keeps some people floundering around seeking happiness in the material world.

In any case, we cannot go into the heartspace if we are either stuck in the past or worried about the future. Regrets and worries are the gates that close the sanctuary. But when we quiet our minds and step into the moment, there is no past or future, just now. It is only when we are in the now, that we can enter the heartspace. It is only when we are in the heartspace we can bring our Heart’s Desire and Soul’s Desire together. No wonder this is such an elusive goal for so many in Western Society.

My “Journey of Fulfillment” series does not replace a lifetime of spiritual training, commitment, or discipline. But what it does do, is help you reach that place where you can bring your Heart and Soul desires together. Ideally, I would offer them as part of a seminar that would include tensor tools, labyrinths, ceremony, and support. But that is not possible now.

What is possible is that each of us can step into the now and journey to our heartspace. Once we are there, we can bring in our Heart’s Desire, explore it and really feel it. Then bring in our Soul’s Desire and see how different the two may be. Then we bring the two together. When you sit in the heartspace with your Heart and Soul Desire as one, your life will take on a clarity of purpose you may never have seen before. You will understand at the deepest level what it is that makes you happy. It may take time for your conscious mind to understand all the changes, but at the most subtle level, you will never be the same.

Once those two are joined you are on your Journey of Fulfillment. Yours will be different than anyone else’s. Your journey will likely have little to do with the accumulation of either material things, or the praise of others. Your Journey of Fulfillment is your roadmap to personal happiness. No one else needs to understand it because it is your journey alone.

There are only four reagents in this series. My recommendation is to take them to a place where you meditate or where you can be alone. I prefer to sit in an energy field of tensor rings, with the soothing sounds of Nature in the background. Take “Into the Now”. Hold it as you go into your meditation. Notice how much easier it is to quiet your mind, forget the worries of tomorrow and regrets of the past.

When you are in the quiet place, hold “Into the Heart” and move your awareness into your heartspace. Take as long as you need. Your heartspace is your personal sanctuary. Once you are there, pick up “Heart’s Desire” and feel the energy of what your heart truly wants. Then pick up “Soul’s Desire” in your other hand and explore how different and yet similar the two are. Then bring the two together in your heartspace. Feel them blend and meld into one. Watch as buried emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams float by. Don’t attach to them, just watch.

The real work is being done at a deep level that often only our Soul can understand anyway. As the two meld, you will feel a sense of peace as well as a sense of purpose. Those things that may have seemed important, will slide into their proper priority. You will also notice that some things that seemed inconsequential will take on new meaning and importance.

Welcome to your Journey of Fulfillment.