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When we are connected to Source, we are truly free. We are free of the limitations and the shortcomings that have plagued mankind for millennia.

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For all of recorded history our species has sought enlightenment. We work to better ourselves and leave this world a better place for our children. Even so, we still have greed, betrayal, murder, wars and all of the other mortal sins.  So the question is, if we are seeking betterment, why hasn’t it happened? Something is keeping us from progressing. If it is an inherent genetic defect, then there is little we can do. That is the line of reasoning that led to the development of this radionics reagent. I sought to find what was holding us back. What I found is as disturbing as it is enlightening.

Warning: this explanation may offend you and conflict with your religious training. Further, it may conflict with your historical and scientific training as well. If you are easily offended, then stop until you are ready.

Our ancient fables are filled with stories of a time when men lived in peace and prosperity. They tell of a time when men lived for hundreds of years and even our Bible describes the paradise of the Garden of Eden. But, since that time our history and our fables are filled with greed, war and treachery. If these fables are true, then something drastically changed. Our mainstream religions teach us that our suffering is God’s plan for us and that it is somehow good for us. They tell us what not to do and then offer us an everlasting reward if we obey their rules and suffer in silence.

Our preachers tell us the Lord is our Shepherd. Perhaps the Shepherd is not God, but simply a herdsman and we are his livestock. If the Cathars were right, then the angry and jealous god of the Old Testament was not GOD, but just an evil imposter. If the stories of loosh are true, then their beliefs make perfect sense.

Christianity teaches us we are born flawed. It says our flaws cannot be overcome, but if we go to Church and use the Church and their officials as our intermediary we can somehow salvage our soul and keep it from eternal damnation. That concept teaches us we are not worthy to communicate directly with Creator. Then it follows that if a person does have that spiritual connection, it cannot be genuine. If a person says they have a direct spiritual connection with Creator, they are being deceived by Satan. For many of the last 2000 years, Christian churches actively sought people that had those spiritual connections and executed them. Further, they still teach that not only are we separate from Creator, but also separate from our fellow humans, especially those people who don’t obey the same religious doctrines. The “believers” are somehow special and will be rewarded with eternal life. But, the non-believers will be cursed with eternal torment and damnation.

The only way this system of separation and fear can survive is if people do not have a clear and strong connection with Creator. Since each of us has a portion of the divine Soul, then this connection should be automatic. When this connection is active there can be no “them” or “us”. There can be no duality. There can be no fear, since we would know the reality we live in is the one we built and the one we can change at any time we wish.

Why doesn’t every single person have that strong connection to Creator? Why do we need an intermediary? We each have a spark of the Universal Soul. That spark of Divinity should be enough to keep our connection with Creator strong. However, as we look at the world around us it is obvious that isn’t how things are working.

We see a world-wide culture of “lack” and “fear”. Our leaders propel their people into endless wars. Our corporations focus entirely upon profit without regard to the cost to either the environment or to people. The fact our governments and corporations actively work against the long term best interests of people makes no sense whatsoever. Something is seriously wrong

Our Universe is a projection of consciousness. It is unlimited and infinitely abundant. Where there is infinity there are no shortages, so there is no reason for greed. For a being with an immortal soul there is no “death”, so there can be no fear of death. Likewise, for beings that all share a piece of the Universal Soul anything we take from another is taken from ourselves and any harm we do another is harming ourselves.

Our religions teach us to “do unto others”, but that isn’t how we live. Even worse, we often use our religion as an excuse to harm others and take from them. We even teach that instead of loving and communing with the Creator we should fear him. In one verse our Bible teaches us to fear God, in another it teaches us to trust Him. You can have one, or the other, but not both.

So why is it that we are not becoming more enlightened?

I found a complex scalar frequency that inhibits our intuition. It interferes with our ability to see beyond our physical senses. These are “feelings” that our preachers have told us to fear and our religious leaders have told us are “Satanic”. This is Mother’s intuition. This is the connection to the morphogenic field that Sheldrake talks about. This is the connection to the information field that explains faith healing and dowsing. It explains telepathy and pre-cognition. It explains the miracles of the Bible as well as the extraordinary powers and skills of the Eastern Masters.

Our DNA is an antenna that is tuned to this information field. That antenna should have a clear signal throughout the information field. Yet, few of us have that connection and those that do have it often have trouble keeping the signal clear and consistent.

Once I discovered the complex scalar suppression frequency, I needed to learn how it was done and then see what I could do to block it. To do that I needed to learn more about how the suppression frequency worked. Our reality is based upon fractal repeating patterns. It is logical to assume that all of the dimensions of reality are also built of fractal energy patterns. In order to block or interfere with the flow of information through the dimensions, whatever is inhibiting that flow must be complex (it works in multiple dimensions) and be able to interfere with fractal patterns. It cannot be a simple radio wave — it must be scalar.

For mathematicians to address complex multi-dimensional functions they use the function “i. In higher mathematics the “i” is used to designate an imaginary number. (It is the square root of negative one.) Imaginary numbers are used to solve complex equations that require work in multiple dimensions.

Since the suppression frequency works across multiple dimensions it must have an irrational base. It must be complex. That means it must contain the function “i.

To effectively interfere with a fractal pattern, it must also have something more than a simple fixed number. It must include a function that resonates with the pattern of Creation. That led me to the Golden Ratio; Phi.

The function φ is the symbol for the Golden Ratio. It is an irrational number that is defined by   (1+√5) ÷ 2  =  1.618033988749894848204586834…… This is a ratio that is found throughout Nature and is part of nearly every living thing.

By combining the “i” with the Phi, I had a mathematical function that fit the description of what was needed. Through intuition, meditation and trial and error, I found the suppression frequency is the scalar equivalent of iφ.

My analysis showed the intensity of iφ to be strong and constant. But, simply finding the frequency was only part of the solution. Since it was constant, I had no “control group” that was not affected. I found the frequency, but needed a way to test to see what it was doing. In order to do that I needed a way to neutralize it.

In mathematics, if I multiply a function by its inverse the result is one. So I returned to the instrument to analyze 1/iφ.

I found that the inverse of iφ does neutralize it. As soon as it is broadcast, General Vitality increases as does White Light. In addition, it also begins to strengthen the connection to Source (Creator, God, or Spirit). However, as soon as the radionic broadcast is terminated the iφ interference signal re-establishes itself; the General Vitality and White Light return to pre-broadcast levels.

This confirmed that we are being held back. This frequency is part of the reason humanity is at the same basic spiritual level we have been throughout recorded history. Even though many of our cultural institutions are designed to keep us from progressing, we have the ability to grow in spite of them. We don’t have to be advanced spiritual masters. All we need to block is the suppression frequency that holds us back.

Our connection to Creator is natural; the information we get from our intuition is neither dangerous nor untrustworthy. When we are connected to Source, we are truly free. We are free of the limitations and the shortcomings that have plagued mankind for millennia. Now we can fully understand what the Spiritual Masters taught when they told us the “truth” has always been in us. When we are consciously connected to Creator, there are no shortages, there is no fear, and there is only abundance.

This reagent will not instantly solve problems. It allows your DNA antenna an open connection to Creator. It allows you to learn and grow as you are meant to grow. It is not complete in and of itself, but it is a major part of the puzzle. You will be able to enjoy a clear and strong connection with Creator, but you will still need to unlearn the things that hold you back. It will take time and effort to unlearn anger, fear, hatred and lack. It will take time to learn to trust your connection and to unlearn the lessons of fear our culture has taught us.

You will feel the difference as soon as you hold it. Expect your dreams to become clearer and your intuition to become stronger. Expect to feel a divine sense of warmth and calm that continues to grow for as long as the amulet is charged. Expect your life to change as your thoughts change. With that in mind, the same suppression frequencies that affect your connection to Creator also affect all other living things including your pets, plants, livestock and all of the life forms in the soil. Just as you are healthier when your connection is clear, they will be as well.

We were not created to fear, to hate, to lust or to hurt. We were created to learn and to love. Our Souls and our DNA resonate with love. It is time we took a look at who we are meant to be and to take whatever actions we must in order to free ourselves. Love connects us to Creator. Fear disconnects us. Blocking the effects of the frequency that separates us from Creator is the easiest way to speed us on our Soul’s journey. This tool to help you do just that. Perhaps as you progress on your journey you will feel compelled to learn more about the “who” and the “why” of the suppression frequency, but in the meantime the journey is yours to start.

The next step in the journey was to add the fractals layers of the 1/iφ.  The base frequency made massive changes, but those changes quickly reverted as soon as the broadcast stopped. I had hoped that by adding the fractals I could achieve more long lasting results.  What I learned about the suppression frequency turned out to be exactly correct, but somewhat incomplete.  The frequency interferes with our connection to Source, but it does much more as well.  The same frequency that interferes with our spiritual growth also suppresses major portions of our DNA.  Perhaps that is how the interference is programmed. 

The 1/iφ  Suite has the added benefit of working to activate DNA.  Dowsing indicates that about 17% of the average individual’s DNA is active.  By carrying the 1/iφ Suite in my pocket my dowsing shows my DNA is now nearly 50% active. The question is what happens when our DNA is fully activated?  My initial research indicates that our metabolic processes will be more efficient.  Other than that, I don’t have much information.




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