I Love Myself


Critical Core Belief: I Love Myself. Test-tube size solid quartz tube.  FREE shipping in US

There are few reagents that are more important than this one.  This is a critical core belief and is one of the beliefs in the Core Belief Reagent.  But this one is so important that it deserves special mention. PSYCH-K® teaches that 90% or more of the people they have examined, test weak for “I love myself.”  Maybe the issue has to do with body image.  Maybe the issue is guilt or feelings of inadequacy.  Whatever the reason, if you don’t take care of this issue, you are wasting your time with everything else.

The reason is quite simple.  Your thoughts produce your reality.  Your subconscious mind listens to whatever your conscious mind is thinking and attempts to produce that reality for you.  So if you think you are not worthy, your body will reflect that. If you believe you will get sick, you will. If you believe you will get better you will.  But if you don’t love yourself, your subconscious mind will do everything it can to kill you.  (Was that too brutal?)

If there is only one thing you are going to do for yourself or your loved ones, then balance this Core Belief.  Use this reagent regularly. Contact me for information about pendants or jewelry of crystals imbedded with this frequency that you can carry with you all of the time, or give as gifts.

The Core Belief Suite includes other critical core beliefs, but this one is the most important.