Maybe you have felt a vague homesickness for some place you can’t quite remember.  Perhaps you have felt a wistfulness for times and places long gone.  This frequency package helps you capture that feeling of ‘home’.

We have all had that vague feeling of homesickness. It is a longing for something our soul remembers. Even when our lives are on track and our family is around us, we still sometimes feel that something is missing. It is the same longing that has driven humanity’s wanderlust. It is what drives us to find our soul-male and our soul family. If you don’t know what I am describing, then count yourself lucky, because it can be a source of profound unhappiness. Even when you find your soul mate, you may still feel that something is missing. It goes to the depths of who we are, not as persons but as souls. Our soul remembers where we came from. It remembers our friends and our soul family. It knows that this short walk through life is just that. Your soul knows where home really is and may long to reach out for it. This frequency package won’t end that search. It won’t make the feeling go away. But it can help you to reconnect with your true home and feel its familiar energy once again. Think of it, like the first phone call home when you left for college or joined the military. Even that single call, made the following days easier. It eased the pain and loneliness. That phone call made it easier to get up and keep going, because we knew we would be home soon enough. We knew that being away was necessary and there would be tales to tell when we returned. Even though our loved ones were far away, we knew they were just a phone call away. “Home” is like that spiritual phone call. It helps us to touch base with our soul family. It eases that vague longing. I love its warm comfort.