Gratitude the ‘super-conductor’ of scalar energy.

Gratitude. Heal and be whole.

Andrei is a great healer. He taught me that to become a great healer all I needed to do was watch what great healers did and copy them. So, in a recent class, while I was trying to learn as much from another great healer, I was also trying to SEE what I was looking at.

Many times, it takes the several hours of the solitude for my mind to get quiet enough for me to be able to hear. Then several more hours to understand what I heard. At about 3 AM, I understood.

Every miracle at this class I saw was a gratitude sandwich. The Healer starts with gratitude, does her work and closes it with gratitude. It was SO obvious once I recognized what I was seeing. But in her work it is so natural and seamless.

But with that ‘ah ha’ moment, I had to understand gratitude.

Every spiritual tradition speaks about how important it is, and they tell us to be grateful. We thank Creator when we pray, and we thank Her again when we see our prayers answered. But I think we have missed something. Gratitude is not a transaction. It is not a payment for a job well-done…..

Why would Creator expect or need a ‘payment’ anyway? Is anything else in Nature a transaction? It is not. Nature operates in processes. Those processes are part of cycles. There are no bills, they are no payments. I think we miss the purpose of gratitude and thereby fail to use it properly, because we don’t really understand what gratitude is.

There is every reason to believe that gratitude is the super-conductor of scalar energy.

It by-passes all blocks and resistance. That is why the gratitude sandwich is so critical. I was taught to analyze and balance. We send the healing frequencies; sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Sometimes the target blocks the work. Sometimes they simply are not ready, so they resist the change. Gratitude then becomes a ‘thank you for trying’.

If we look at the stories and histories of great healers, you notice a couple of things, by their absence.

Nowhere do the witnesses describe how the healer worked on the details of the issues. You don’t hear about balancing pH, or restoring optic nerves or the details of knitting bones. The other thing you notice is the healing works. The issue may return later, but at that moment the person is healed. The greatest healers don’t find resistance to their work. So much so, that Lazarus was raised from the dead. Think of what had to happen for that miracle.

One problem in our culture is that we too often focus on the details and we miss the real truth.

The details are not what are important. What must happen is the healer forms a thoughtform that is so powerful it changes physical reality. I have seen healers that were powerful enough to overcome the resistance of the reality around them. But I don’t have that power of disciplined thought (yet).

To this point in my life, I have not wanted to do what is necessary to master that mental focus. So, in the absence of that mental focus I need a way to lower the resistance. Gratitude lowers that resistance so that my thoughtforms have enough power to make the changes. But gratitude doesn’t come as a payment, it is a precursor.

I see the change and am grateful for the ways things are and the way things are going to be.  I broadcast my intent. And again I am grateful for the way things are the way they are going to me.

That is the ‘Gratitude Sandwich’.

 We have been told about gratitude for so long, I think we quit hearing years ago. Of course, we pay lip service to being thankful and even express our gratitude, but now that I understand what gratitude REALLY is, that changes everything.

In radionics, when we have clear intent we get faster results. When we add multiple antennas we get more power and faster results. When we ground our instruments we also get faster results and more power. I think I have been missing the point. I can get greater flow by increasing the pressure or reducing the restrictions. Gratitude not only reduces restriction, it dissolves it.

That is why I call it a scalar super-conductor.

Of course I put together a reagent to bring in all I know and all I can ask about Gratitude. And of course I would love it if everyone had a copy, but here is a test. Check for the balancing time on a simple project. Broadcast the rate for Gratitude to the project and then recheck balancing time. (13.5-81.2) Then see if broadcasting Gratitude AFTER the balancing drives the GV even higher. So, you can imagine, if you get these changes with just a rate imagine the results with a complex reagent! Is this cool, or what? Now you have a measurable reason why you may want to make your entire life a ‘gratitude sandwich’.