Perhaps the link between consciousness and manifestation.


For some time, I have known something was missing.  I had most of the important pieces, but I simply was not finding what I had hoped with the elementary particles.  I knew there was something there, but I also could tell something was missing.

It turns out there was something missing.  But it wasn’t something physical.  It was something I don’t have a definition for.  Further it isn’t just one thing but three.  But for my work (currently) there is only one of them that really grabs my interest.

In quantum physics, they tell us that there are three elementary particles that comprise matter as we know it.  So, all the ‘stuff’ around us is made of electrons, protons and neutrons.  But protons and neutrons are made of Up-Quarks and Down-Quarks.  All the matter you can see, feel or hear is made of just three things.  Further photons seem to form the communication ‘glue’ that makes these pieces and parts work together.

But where do these elementary particles come from?  I will call that originating ‘particle’ GP-1.  First, it does not seem to be a particle, nor is it a wave.  It is an organizing force.  When the level of GP-1 is high, things become more complex; life happens.

When it is low, there is less organization and more chaos.

Sick and cancerous tissues are low in GP-1.   As the level of GP-1 goes up, the vitality of the cancers and infections goes down.  Speed of healing increases.  While GP-1 is not life-force, it is closely related.  So, when we speak of someone using their own life-force to do energy work, they are depleting their stocks of GP-1.

GP-1 seems to be at the interface between the manifested and the unmanifested.  When added to a system, the system increases in complexity.  So, life becomes more alive and more healthy.

Experienced healers that act as conduits for healing energy are simply using the natural abundance of GP-1 in the area and are directing it to where it is needed.

One unique feature of GP-1 is it is the only thing I have found that can produce more GP-1.  Another feature is that it is very susceptible to conscious intent.  But it is only found in the present.

When you think about it, some of the things we already understand fit right into how GP-1 works. 

When we meditate we clear our minds and do our best to stay in the now.  When we do our healing we focus on the present, clear our minds and focus our intent.  The most experienced healers say they are just a conduit for the healing energy.  They advise beginning healers to make sure they act as a conduit for the healing energy and not be the source of it.

When you act as the source, you deplete yourself.  The result is we often see healers that get sick, or tired after doing their healing work.  They failed to make that connection. They used their own healing energy, their own life-force. 

Perhaps healing energy and life force are aspects of GP-1.

But what people using GP-1 tell me, is that manifesting becomes much easier when they carry the reagent.  They tell me the synchronicities are continual, but most importantly, they have no stress.  They know that whatever needs to come through to make something happen, simply will.

An advanced energy worker from Maine described the series of synchronicities that seemed almost magical, but she said the most important part was the feeling of absolute confidence that everything was going to be ok.

When something heavy needed to be moved, people showed up to load it.  When it needed to be unloaded different people showed up.  When a piece of equipment broke down, the people needed to fix it showed up and the new equipment was not only available but was delivered without issue as well.

There is much more to learn about GP-1.  But if your intent is clear, this may be just what you have been looking for to help you manifest the things in your life you have been waiting for.