Geometric Progression


Five powerful balancing reagents.  When you work at the most fundamental levels, you see the most miraculous results.


Shape governs our existence.  The geometry we study is built on the 5 shapes Plato identified throughout nature.  They are the cube, tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, and icosahedron.  In our work we notice that nutrients and toxins have shapes.  Sounds produce shapes as do all frequencies.

Where this becomes important in our work, for a pathogen to attach to our energy field, there must be a corresponding shapes.  Think of it like a lock and key.  If the shape of the key changes, it does not fit.  Likewise, if the tumblers in the lock are changed the key becomes worthless.

So, if we have a calcium deficiency, there is a specific calcium-shaped deficiency in the energy field.  Pathogens with that ‘calcium key’ can attach and the infection starts.  As radionic workers if all we do is suppress the energy of the pathogen, then another pathogen with the similar shapes will attach.

That is why we often see one infection after another.  Unless and until the shape in the energy field is filled, more infections will follow.

That led to my work in identifying the rates for the platonic solids.  I used those rates to balance and found they were very effective in suppressing pathogenic infections and supporting nutritional issues.

But the simple radionic rates pale in comparison to the effectiveness of complex reagents.  By building a set of complex platonic solid reagents, I have an extraordinary balancing toolset.

These 5 reagents don’t correct nutritional deficiencies but do work to correct the effects of them.  Likewise, they balance the body at a very fundamental level.

There is one additional shape that is fundamental to life, that is the toroid.  I have added to this set, so that not only can the Platonic Solids be balanced, but the toroidal fields can be optimized as well.

On the plus side, everything on the analysis sheets balances quickly and General Vitality skyrockets.  But that means we have little left to measure.  I have not seen age reversal, or the miraculous regrowth of lost teeth, but I am seeing increased energy and very little susceptibility to infections.