Future View


Clears the ability to see the current path. Test-tube size solid quartz tube FREE shipping in US

Future View is designed to do exactly what the name implies, but not in the way many would think. It is not a toy, nor is it a fortune telling map either. It works to reveal already existing patterns and helps you extrapolate on those patterns.


I work with an amazing intuitive that can see the results of different courses of action.  She is able to evaluate her actions and then extrapolate what the end results may be.  We all do it to some extent.  For instance, you already know that when you turn the thermostat up on your furnace you expect your house to get warmer.  Somewhat further in the future, you expect your heat bill to be higher.  That is a basic form of ‘future view’ you use every day.

You invest time and energy into your job and career based upon your belief that your work will bring greater benefits to you and your family and finally result in some kind of retirement.

These are basic examples and it has to do with seeing patterns and projecting the results of what happens as that pattern continues.  That pattern can be seen as a timeline of events.

In radionics, we teach that everything in this reality has a frequency pattern.  We analyze those frequencies and sometimes work to enhance them and other times we work to suppress them.  Since everything has a frequency, then timelines have frequencies as well.

So the timeline (pattern of events) that you are currently on has a frequency pattern.  We can capture that frequency pattern and analyze it.  Since we can analyze it we can also balance on that pattern.  That is the concept of “Timelining” I covered in one of my 5 Aces classes.

Mode of Action

“Future View” doesn’t change your current timeline; it simply helps you to see the pattern more clearly.  It can be used to refine precognitive abilities overall or simply used to help you see the results of taking different actions.  Think of it as a way to help you evaluate different scenarios.

I use it as part of my meditation and sometimes when I sleep.  For me, it helps me ‘see’ where things are going and respond appropriately.