DNA Seed Atom


Awaken your optimal genetic blueprint.

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According to modern physics, everything started with a big bang.  They also tell us that our reality is a hologram of light (controlled by consciousness).  In holograms all the information from the whole is contained in every part.  Further, quantum entanglement tells us that once two electrons are entangled, what happens to one instantly affects the other.

So far, so good, nothing too strange, but that is just the start.  While entanglement proves faster than light travel, the hologram theory leads to even stranger conclusions.

Since all information is contained in every piece that means ALL information.  Time being just another dimension, then all past and future information is found in ever atom. (So, the answer really is within you!)

Shortly after the big bang, there was the first atom. Then another and another etc.  As these atoms went on, they combined, changed, and decayed into the all the different elements in the periodic table and all the isotopes as well.

Since your DNA is formed from atoms, if we go back far enough there is an atom that was the original atom in what ultimately has been passed down as your DNA.  That is your DNA seed atom.  It contains your original, unaltered genetic pattern; your optimal genetic potential if you will.

Your DNA currently reflects all the changes both good and bad as well as the suppressed and expressed genes that make up the blueprint for your body.  Think of your current blueprint as the shop copy, with all the smudges, tears, wrinkles, and missing sheets.  Then your DNA Seed Atom is the pristine original.

Nothing is missing, there are no corrections, scribbles, or illegible dimensions.  The DNA Seed Atom has it all.

When we resonate with the DNA Seed Atom, it helps us to unload the generational flotsam and jetsam that has accumulated from our genetic heritage.  The results are subtle but long-lasting.  So subtle you may not notice, or even be able to measure the changes at first.  But so persistent, that once you start the process, it continues long after you have moved on to other projects.

This frequency package is not for everyone.  If you are not doing deep, emotional, physical, and genetic work, then you most likely won’t find a use for it.  But for the occasional energy worker that has delved into clearing past life and genetic blockages, this may be just the thing for you.  For those that are working with issues of genetic dysfunction, the DNA Seed Atom may help to restore optimal expression. 

If you have gotten this far into the description, then you are far enough to dowse to see if it is right for you or your projects.  Check it for yourself, you may be surprised just how much you need it.