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The energy field used by the healers.

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Throughout history, there have been energy healers.  Christians recognize Jesus as a healer but attribute his abilities to his divine lineage. If it is a gift from ‘God’ then there is no sense investigating the features of that gift, since it can only be received through divine intervention.  But what IF, the power to heal has very physical attributes?  What if the power to heal lies within reach of all of us? That is where the Divine Healing Field Reagent comes in. 

Even a cursory look through history shows there have been many such healers, most of which claimed no divine DNA.  These people were European, Native American, Indian, Aboriginal, African, Asian, etc. etc. etc.  Healers show up in every ethnic population.  So, it is not a gift to only one race.  Nor is it a gift from any specific deity.

Most of these ‘miracle’ healers claimed no special knowledge and had no common or special training.  It was something that each claimed came to them as something they just knew how to do.  Most of them claimed to be just a conduit of the healing energy. They said, the healing came from elsewhere (God) and not themselves.

In none of these stories, does the healer get into the details of the dysfunctions.  He never mentions the anatomy of the illness.  In a nutshell the healer basically tells the person to get well and the person does……

So, the key is NOT some special medical knowledge.  It is the healing energy itself.  Bruno Groening called it a ‘healing wave’.  I see it as a healing field.  (But since he LIVED with it, perhaps his description is more accurate…..)  In any case, the ‘Divine Healing Field’ is a real thing.  It has been used by countless persons through the centuries to make real and permanent changes to people’s health.

It is my belief that healers can tune into the healing frequency field, begin to resonate with those frequencies and are then able to focus them.  I do not believe the healer generates the energy.  I believe by resonating with it they can focus it.

Dowsing shows that this resonant frequency field is endemic.  It may be part of Creation itself.  Currently the field is only at about 21% of its optimal strength.  Five thousand years ago it was nearly 50% and ten thousand years ago it was over 90% of its optimal strength.

That brings up the question as to ‘why’.  What has weakened it?  What will strengthen it?  If we find the cause of the weakening can we reverse the degradation?

While all those questions deserve research, one thing we know from music is that if two things resonant they tend to strengthen each other.  When I strike the middle ‘c’ on the piano the other ‘c’ strings will vibrate.  That being said, when we tune ourselves to the DHF resonant frequency it will make it stronger overall. Likewise, when that frequency is embedded into crystals and objects, they too will reinforce the field.  So even if we do not find the reason it has been degrading over the centuries our work can slow and perhaps even reverse it.

Since the Divine Healing Field is real, it has a frequency. Since it has a frequency that frequency can be captured and recorded.  I make no claims as to the accuracy of my rendition of the Divine Healing Field.  It is not perfect, but what I have surpasses my expectations. 

I have simply asked people to sit in the field and feel the energy of the Divine Healing Field as it enters their feet, goes up their legs into their body and then out the top of their head and out their hands.  I asked them to watch the golden energy make whatever changes were needed.  Then I asked them to ‘get well’.

I watch as their discomfort goes down, their mobility increases, and they just felt better. 

Every person that has sat in the field noticed changes.  When I potentized the DHF into a carrier oil, persons that applied the oil to the areas of their body’s that had issues, felt relief.  When I gave drops of it to pets, the pets also responded well. (more energy, etc.)[1]

Broadcasting the field with the radionic instrument has not provided consistent results.  It seems the field is ever present, but it requires intent to activate it.  The healer provides that intent in one-on-one situations, but the instrument does not.  (The reagent “Restore Health” provides that intent for broadcasting.)

Interestingly in Hindu mythology the Asvin twins are the goddesses responsible for healing.  Western mythology usually attribute healing to one goddess.  Catholicism attributes healing of specific disorders to specific saints.[2]  But is we consider the Hindu tradition; it takes two pieces (twins).  So, in this case, we resonate with the field (piece 1) and then provide that field direction and focus (piece 2).

A gentleman that had just spent a short stint in the hospital with cardiac issues sat in the field simply holding the Divine Healing Field reagent.  He told me he could feel it as a tingling in his legs than as a warmth in the area of his heart.

A lady rubbed the reagent on sore muscles and told me that for the first time in several years her feet were no longer cold.

The head medicine man of a major Native American tribe held the reagent and described the geometric patterns he saw.  Others feel compelled to hold the reagent on that part of their body that seems to ‘want’ those energies.

When I use it in my radionic work, I have found that it works best when I broadcast it with “Restore Health”.  When I do, my readings for General Vitality climb to unreasonably high numbers.

It seems like taken together, “Divine Healing Field” brings in the harmonic frequencies and “Restore Health’ the focused intent.

[1] It is to early to note any permanent changes in the pets’ health. But one dog did get very tired. The next day a sore on his leg no longer bothered him.

[2] Note; there is truth and wisdom buried in all religions.  That doesn’t mean it is all true, but it does mean, that by studying these traditions we will find clues on what is true.