Divine Essence of Humanity

Understanding our dual nature.




We are seekers of truth. We use our instruments for health and wellness and to make the world a bit better place, but when you really get down to base motivation, it is simply to find the truth.

Sometimes I push too hard and take on frequencies I am not quite ready for, but even then, it is worth it. And it certainly was this time. When I look at the evolution of my work, I see a twisting path that creeps ever closer to truth. I tell my students that we spend too much time, peeling the onion, yet I find that is exactly what I often do. Not because I am not seeking cause, but simply because I don’t have the right questions yet.

I keep looking past symptoms to find cause. But every time I think I have arrived at the cause, I find a deeper, more profound layer. Every time I think I have found the ‘truth’, I find myself closer to my goal, but the goal itself is still out of reach. If you are still balancing symptoms, then you are just starting on this path. If you seek the rate for this infection, or that toxin you are still addressing symptoms. There is no end of symptoms, nor is there any resolution to be found there either….

Perhaps you are working with Core Beliefs. You have found that balancing those frequency patterns are an entire order of magnitude more effective than working with simple rates and symptoms. But your journey doesn’t end there. There are causes for each defective Core Belief. So, you dig deeper. You have worked with Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness. You have found the results to be powerful, far-reaching, and effective. You may have added Grace and Ease along with Release so make the transition more comfortable for the client.

My Journey to the Cause.

I developed the Body Basics to balance the physical issues in the body and the Journey of Fulfillment to balance the Core Beliefs. Every level is more effective than the last. The results are more profound and longer lasting. Then came Creator’s Purpose, I didn’t see the direct physical results I had seen in the other work. Creator’s Purpose works at a deeper level. It works in the energetic realm. This physical existence is a result of the energetic inputs. Creator’s Purpose connects removes blockages in the energetic fields. So, while I may not see short term physical benefits, I see long term emotional and spiritual ones, that make the physical challenges seem inconsequential. I am ever closer to the cause I am seeking. The cause will not be found in the physical. It is much deeper. It is at the very core of existence.

So, to take that next step I need to look at Creation herself. Our reality is created by consciousness (or Spirit if you prefer). Consciousness uses Divine Essence to form our physical world. I am sure this subject has been addressed hundreds of times throughout history and Divine Essence has been called many things, but for now, this label is the one I choose to use. Think of Divine Essence as the nectar of consciousness. It is not consciousness itself, but is the tool that creates our reality.

Divine Essence.

Each of us has a spark of divinity, a spark of consciousness. Let’s call it Divine Essence. Our Divine Essence is contained in the Divine Essence of Humanity, which is in the Divine Essence of Life. The Divine Essence of Life is a part of the overall Divine Essence.

Humanity’s Divine Essence is much different than what we tend to see in the people of our day-to-day lives. It is there, of course, but it is camouflaged by ego driven necessities. We can see glimpses of it, in the very young and sometimes in the very old. When people are not driven by survival and their ego doesn’t hold much sway, we can see who we are as a specie and perhaps even glimpse at the ‘why’ of humanity itself.

What is our purpose?

The plants and animals around us all have purpose. The same is true with us. Sadly, our ego-driven culture often asks what that purpose may be, but fails to answer it in any meaningful way.

That is not to say, that I, and I alone have stumbled upon the answer to a question that has puzzled our most brilliant minds for thousands of years. But I do have an answer that makes sense to me. I see Humanity’s Divine Essence as the driver to everything.

When we recognize that driver, the rest of the pieces can fall into place.  We don’t fit nicely into the food chain. We don’t release minerals into the soil for optimal plant growth. We don’t produce CO2 for the plants or oxygen for the animals. In fact, when you look at our effect on the natural world, it is easy to see an unending path of destruction.

Humanity has an inborn duality of nobility and darkness. When you hold this reagent in one hand you can feel all that is good about us, in the other hand, you feel the rest. It feels like a roller coaster. Infinite joy and infinite sadness. Every time I hand it to someone, they end up holding with both hands, over their heart. That is when it becomes a pattern of integration and acceptance. We bring together our Yin and our Yang, our masculine and our feminine, the left brain with the right.

It is simply profound.

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