Dissolve Timeline Nodules


Break the cycle!

Are you stuck in a loop?  Does it seem like you are living “Groundhog Day” but without any of the advantages?  Perhaps you are.  Perhaps there is even a solution.  But to get there from here, let’s explore a model of how things seem to be….

Astrologers and astronomers and physicists tell us that things move in cycles.  The Earth rotates around the sun, and we see the yearly progression of seasons.  The sun rotates around the galactic core and there is a rhythmic quality with that as well.

When some eastern astrologers do your chart, they will tell you that this particular year is good for this or that and it won’t come around again for another 8 or maybe 17 years.  They are telling us our lives are cyclical.

So, as I am looking at the coils of my electric heater, I see them as a model for how our life cycles may work.  As the coil heats up, the red glow starts in one place and then seems to move around and around until the entire coil is that hot red orange.

Now suppose we have been a bit rough on our heater and we have damaged the coils, so that in one or more places the loops touch.  At that point we can see there is a bright spot of heat, but the rest of the coil seems to be isolated from the current, so it cools down.

Over time if we don’t bend the coil back, it will burn out where the coils touch.

If that were our timeline, perhaps we have had some rough times as well.  Perhaps our ‘heater coil’ or timeline has become deformed and two loops have become mashed together.  If we were an electron in the heater coil, we would be trapped in the loop.  It is the same with us.  We can become trapped in the loop.

For as subject with these issues, when I analyze and do my radionic work, everything I see and do becomes distorted by that collapsed loop.  That point where the lines touch brings past-present and future together at a nodal point.  The analytical readings show the conglomeration of what is happening, but not what is happening in the now.

My broadcasts are ‘short-circuited’ into the closed loop.  Certainly, I can still do a lot of good.  But what you will find is you simply won’t get the results you want or need.  Your instrument tells you everything is fine.  Your client tells you otherwise.

To correct this, all we need do is dissolve the timeline nodal points.  Think of it like pulling the heater coil just enough so the loops don’t touch each other.  As soon as you do, your analytical readings will change.  It isn’t that things have suddenly gotten worse.  It is you are just now seeing the readings as there are in the now.

You have just broken the cycle.  Your subject can now move forward.  Even better, your broadcasts are now much more effective.

As always, it pays to measure so we can manage.  Here is a rate to tell you how many Timeline Nodules they have: # of Timeline Nodules     0-96.4