Dismantle Emotional Heartwalls


Break down the barriers.

When we are injured, our body responds by protecting the injured tissue. Injured tissues swell to limit movement and encourage healing. Sun-burned skin tans. Skin forms calluses. We even see calcification of certain glands that form protective shields. Our emotional body is no different. We form barriers to protect ourselves from being hurt again. The barriers protect our vulnerabilities. These emotional heart-walls have purpose. But as we mature, and learn how to deal better with people in our lives, these same walls can hold us in. There comes a time when we no longer need these walls to protect us. There comes a time when we want and need those intimate and life-affirming connections with people in our lives. There comes a time when it is necessary and proper to “Dismantle Emotional Heartwalls”. When the walls that once protected us, impede our spiritual progress it is time they are brought down. It isn’t that they cannot be rebuilt if needed. But fortunately, they rarely are. Once we remove the barriers that keep us separate, we usually see that we don’t need them anymore. We have learned those lessons. We have moved on.