Bring in the lunar and celestial alignment energies that favor dental work.


Throughout the last 60 years or so, I have been to the dentist more times than I care to remember.  More often than not, those visits were miserable.  Sometimes they were pure torture, other times merely unpleasant.  Of course, it would be easy to simply blame the dentists, or the profession in general, but assigning blame is of little use.

The bottom line is regular dental visits are a requirement, so it only makes sense to make them as least unpleasant as possible.  That is exactly why, I use the Farmers’ Almanac to choose the best dates for my dental treatments.

That simple choice makes a big difference, not only in the amount of discomfort, but the speed and ease of recovery as well.  So, whether it is a simple cleaning or something more invasive, I consult the Almanac before I go.  Unless it is an emergency, I simply will not go to the dentist except on the most favorable days…..

That worked well until recently.  The dentist told me this particular molar would need attention sooner or later.  I chose later.  That was a poor choice.  It started to hurt. Oil pulling only worked for a little while then it just got worse, until I could no longer sleep.  It was time to make an appointment.

I figured the tooth was a goner. But even so, it was so sore I had not choice but to simply get in whenever I could see the dentist.

In the meantime, I am working with all my radionic tools, to suppress infection, release blockages and toxins, reduce inflammation and congestion and anything else I could think of to broadcast.

When the dentist examined the sore tooth, she could find no infection.  But she had to remove a crown to get to the issue.  After multiple shots to the area and several more while she was working, she was able to get the crown off in about 45 minutes.  During that time, every time she pulled on it even a bit, I was in agony.

It turns out the crown was 3 times thicker than normal crowns, so that was the issue with removing it.  After it was removed, there was very little decay in the tooth, so there was very little work that needed done.

She prepared a temporary crown and even as it was being installed, a number of little things that should have been simple and easy were just a bit more complicated.

In the end, the work was successful, but because it was so much work, my recovery took several days.[1]

Before I go further, this dentist is very good.  I shopped around for quite a while before I chose this one, so my experience in her care was not due to any issues on her part.

The problem quite simply was that I was having treatment done during a non-optimal sign of the moon and celestial alignment.  It wasn’t until I got back to the lab, I realized I am not at the mercy of the energies of the universe.  I have those energies at my command.  As such, there is no reason why I should ever go into another dental appointment without the optimal energies not only for treatment but for recovery as well.

That is where “DD-007” comes from.[2]

DD-007 combines the ultimate energetic package for your dental visits and treatment.  Sign of the moon; yes.  Celestial alignments; yes.  Angels, devas, spirits, elementals; yes, yes, yes.  If there is any energetic combination that may make the dental work easier, more pleasant and speed the healing; it is in there.

This is one of the most complex reagents I have built.  First, because of the necessary components and second because of my perennial dread of going to the dentist.  I have spent my entire adult life avoiding the misery of dental work.  Perhaps it is time, I stepped up and ended that dread….

[1] As an aside, each tooth has an energetic connection with an organ.  As we eat, the energy of the food that is chewed is transferred to that organ.  Likewise, when there are issues with an organ, quite often the associated tooth will be affected.  In this case, I love to smoke a cigar while I cultivate my crops.  There is something very peaceful about going through the fields on my antique tractor, tending my crops and smoking a cigar.

When I was cultivating every day in order to get caught up, I smoked a cigar  every day…… Ha!  Guess which tooth was giving me trouble.  The tooth associated with the lungs.  My body was telling me exactly what I didn’t want to hear.

[2] DD-007, the Dental re-Agent….LOL.