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The internal structure of cellular protoplasm is critical for cellular metabolism. Properly structure this ‘gel’ and improve cellular energy.

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Cell Energy Radionic Reagents are a way to promote cellular health. Dr. Thomas Cowan has a must-read book called Cancer and the New Biology of Water. While it has a lot of great information about the true nature of cancer and why the current allopathic approach has largely failed, he goes into areas that touch on health in general and when you read his book you come away with a better understanding of cellular health and how our work can support that.

He spends a lot of time discussing the energy engines of the cells and the chemistry that makes it all work. But rather than focus on the DNA, he focuses on the structure of the cell interior.

Specifically, he focuses on the structure of the protoplasm in the cell; the intra (meaning within) cellular gel. His conclusion is that toxins interfere with the gel structure. When the gel is not properly formed, the cells cannot process energy properly.

Without sufficient energy the cells cannot maintain the mineral balance across the cell membrane and then clump together forming dense masses of cells.
These cell masses revert to the most primitive form of energy production. This uses more sugar, produces more toxins and are less efficient that healthy cells. Then as the cells continue to degrade, they lose function and focus solely in their individual survival. Hence cancer.

His explanation is much more detailed and accurate than mine, but you get the idea.

Heavy Water

There is an isotope of hydrogen that has an extra neutron called deuterium. When deuterium is combined with oxygen it forms heavy water. Heavy water has distinct differences from regular water. Its melting point is higher and it structures differently.

So, when heavy water is present in the cell fluid, it doesn’t allow the cell to properly structure the intra-cellular gel. That interferes with energy production. Deuterium acts just like any other toxin except that it forms a type of water that cells cannot use.

Heavy water forms naturally. So, there are natural ways to eliminate it from the water we drink. Structured water naturally separates out the heavy water. Since heavy water freezes first, when we partially freeze water, the unfrozen liquid has less heavy water than the ice.

When we vortex water, heavy water is thrown to the outside (where it is usually discarded). The water in the center is what we usually called structured and is hydrating and healthful.
We know from past studies that there is a layer of ultra-pure water that surrounds each cell. This “exclusion zone” around each cell is critical for cellular function. Now we know the structure of the water inside the cell is just as critical. We have known of the health benefits of structured water for quite a while, now we know why it is so important.

Structure the Gel

We also have a basis that helps explain how our energy work can be so effective. When we eliminate the frequencies of toxins, the intra-cellular gel can properly form. Drinking structured water does it as well. When we broadcast love, it helps to restructure that gel.

In fact, it would seem the optimal structure of that intra-cellular gel is critical. So critical here is a rate to measure it: (67.5-24.7). This is an analyze-only rate. It won’t work to balance, but gives you another tool to measure your effectiveness.

Suppose you are working with a cancer. By definition, the intra-cellular gels are not properly structured. Now suppose we balance with Dr. Barone’s biophotons. If the Intra-cellular gel structure reading goes up, then you are making progress. If is does not change, then you may need a different approach.

Cell Energy = Cell Health

Since the intra-cellular gel structure is critical for cell health. Healthier cells lead to healthier tissues lead to healthier organs and function. A great many aspects of health can be tied directly to how well the interior of our cells function.

Malformations in the structure of this gel can seen as a cause behind the cause of any number of health issues. Properly structuring this gel may be the key we have been searching for.

Certainly, eliminating the toxins and other issues that prevent the proper gel structure is our goal. But now we have a tool to directly measure how well we are doing as well as a complex reagent to support our work.

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