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Caretaker connects you to a download, or perhaps more accurately is reconnects programming already present in DNA.  Not everyone has these connections or is able to access the download. It is strictly for ‘Caretakers’. By ‘Caretaker’, I am referring to the original caretakers of life on planet Earth. These beings were responsible to keep everything working together and in balance.  The Earth Spirits take leadership from the Caretakers and work together for harmony. While the details of what happened are clouded in history and fable. At some point the Caretakers lost their connection to Earth Spirits.  While the specific reasons are not important, the genetic descendants of the Caretakers are still here.  Some humans have those genes and the programming others do not.

Dowsing indicates it is on the X-Chromosome.  Careful examination may show you that there is a small piece missing.  This is what was removed.  It damaged access to the program, but the program itself is still there.  About 4 in 1000 have the Caretaker gene.  About 1 in 100,000 have a double Caretaker gene.  Interestingly, the double ‘Caretakers’ are 80% likely to not have children of their own.

Until now, much of the programming has been dormant.  Occasionally we can get glimpses of what it must have been like to have everything working together.  Occasionally we find ourselves ‘in the flow’ where there are always parking spaces, where the people we need seem to magically show up and the arrangements work easily and flawlessly.  This is the Caretaker energy of cooperation.

That is the way this world was designed to work.  When the Caretakers are connected properly, the Earth Spirits take care of all of the arrangements.  Situations simply resolve themselves and people seem to bend over backward to help. The time has come for Caretakers to assume their responsibilities and restore order in the chaos.  This power derives from being intimately connected with the web of life of Earth, for the Caretaker, the power is not corrupting.  It is not a power of the ego; it is a power from the heart.

Anyone not connected to the web of life would find this same power to be extraordinarily destructive.  So if a person does not have the Caretaker genetics, the download is blocked from them. Before attempting to reactivate the Caretaker program take a few minutes to examine your X-chromosome(s) and see that there are no attachments (globs or gunk) that should not be there.  Remove anything that does not belong.  That will allow your X-chromosome to resonant properly before you attempt the Caretaker activation.

When the frequency is offered, you either get the download, or you do not.  If you don’t get it, you won’t. It isn’t a matter of ‘being good enough’ or ‘spiritual enough’ or ‘smart enough’.  You must have the genetics that tap you directly into the web of life.  Without that connection, the power is too much for the ego to be able to handle it properly.

My early research into Caretaker tells me that as more Caretakers are found and reactivated, the power of cooperation increases algebraically.  (2 Caretakers have the power of 4, four have the power of 16, etc.) For those of you that have these genes, it is incumbent upon you to find others and help them to reactivate their Caretaker programming.  While there seem to be safeguards built in to keep this out of the wrong hands, I am told that this power has been misused before. (which has led us to where we are today) As an outsider looking in, it seems that people with the natural elf and fairy ‘energy’ are the most likely to have the Caretaker lineage. I am sure there are others; perhaps gnomes, trolls, sylphs as well, but since I do not have that lineage; I can only guess and speculate.

It is my belief that if you have the lineage, you will be able to ‘feel’ others that have it as well.  It is also my belief that this ‘download’ is a critical part of assisting with the major energetic changes that are coming.  Once the Caretakers have re-assumed their responsibilities for the ‘Garden’ the polarities and destructive tendencies we are currently seeing will easily be stopped without effort or conflict. Think of this as being connected to the collective unconscious of Earth.  You still have your own personality, ego, strengths and weaknesses, but fundamentally your actions will be based on cooperation, not just with other humans, but with the entire web of life.

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