Brain Tuner


Cut through the brain fog. Help your brain to heal.


These past two years more and more people are reporting issues with ‘brain fog’.  A great many others have suffered from physical damage to their brain; some through trauma, others with blood clots or bleeding.

These issues directly impact the quality of life.  Even for those with just ‘brain fog’ the lack of clarity of thought can be debilitating.  Then add memory issues and we can see how we may be slowly losing ourselves.

Brain Tuner is designed to support brain health and healing and to repair those damaged connections.  It is not a substitute for good nutrition and exercise, but simply another tool to help you heal yourself.

Users have reported deep tingling, a sense of calm as well as a substantial clearing of the ‘fog’.  One person, who is recovering from traumatic brain injury, wept as he help it, as he could feel his brain changing.

I use it when I am working.  It helps me think clearly and also strengthens my intuitive grasp.