Body Basics; Radionic Reagent Programs


Radionic Reagent Programs, the latest in cutting edge balancing technologies.

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We have seen amazing breakthroughs in radionics; complex rates and reagents, adding fractals and the Perfect 5th components and of course the thought-forms of the reagents themselves.

The focus on my work has always been to move beyond mere symptoms to find and correct causes.  I wanted to get away from the tedium of endless analysis and balancing.  If there is one stumbling block many radionic operators have, that is taking the time to analyze and balance.

When was the last time you ran a complete Animal Analysis?   I don’t do it on every case.  My guess is you don’t either.  Without an analysis, balancing out a pathogen is just busy-work.

When all you do is chase symptoms, you are telling me you really don’t understand the power of radionics.  Even in emergencies when we must address the issues at hand, as soon as they are under control, if we don’t find and correct the cause, we have just wasted our time.

As I look over the more than 100 or so reagents I have built over the last few years, I am amazed at how far we have come and at the power and diversity of the collection.  I have cabinets full of reagents that were once cutting edge…

They are still good, still effective, and still worthwhile.  But passive reagents are no longer cutting-edge.

We are moving beyond passive rates and reagents into active programs.  The “Body Basics”  Radionic Reagent Programs (RPP) are active programs.  Each program goes through items in the subject and brings them to 95% of optimal.

Consider just the 8 major systems in mammals: digestive, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, excretory, immune, musculoskeletal, and circulatory.  Now add the complexity of  the organs, tissues, cells, chromosomes, genes, and mitochondria.

How much analysis, balancing and rechecking would it take to track the function in each of these?  That is the power of Radionic Reagent Programs (RRP).  These programs are the future of our work. 

One of the RRP’s, balanced 450 things in a test subject in less than 24 hours.  That is 450 things, I did not have to find a rate for, check or balance.  While it balanced 450 things, it checked and passed over 700 other things that were already functioning at least at 95%.

Experienced practitioners have found they can easily determine which reagent program to use and what order.  Less experienced people can simply use them in order.  One day for each.  It is that easy.  The smaller the animal, the less time usually required.

What we know is that as cells and tissues balance, they release toxins.  Clients have reported increased thirst, muscle weakness and lethargy.  If the practitioner starts with “Systems” and then “Organs” this helps get the digestive system and elimination organs prepared for the toxin release that happens with “Cells” and “Tissues”.

If you can dowse or muscle test, you can quickly see if one needs more time or less, or if there is one you don’t need.  The beauty of the system is that it only balances the things that are not in balance.  So, if a program is not required, it doesn’t hurt a thing to let it run. 

Another thing to keep in mind is a bit of wisdom from an old soil expert: if one thing is out of balance, it is all out of balance.  That is why it is helpful to run the entire course of programs several times.  Each time, each program gets a little closer and when you are done the body is nearly in total balance.

One practitioner found a case where it was appropriate to balance with several of the programs at once with good result.  But normally one program at a time is all the subject requires.  Once the subject is fully balanced, the programs can be used prophylactically, to keep the subject balanced.

This collection of programs is unique.  It has 7 components: Systems, Organs, Tissues, Cells, Chromosomes, Genes, and Mitochondria.

Your time is valuable.  Used together these RRP’s will change the way you do your radionic work.  It has taken me more than 2 decades to reach this point.  I don’t know of anything like it anywhere else.  Since I have completed them, my standard protocol has taken a back seat to the Body Basics Programs.

If your radionic work is just for you and your loved ones, you need it.  If you have a larger radionic practice, you need them as well.  Even if all your radionic work is with 4 legged animals, these programs are a must.

As you are thinking about it, go ahead and dowse for yourself, or a loved one, or even a pet; what % of optimal are their systems, organs, tissues, cells, chromosomes, genes and mitochondria, operating?

Recently there was a client with severe issues.  His tissues were at 21% of optimal, organs 25%, systems 22%.  His mitochondria were only at 13%.

After just a few days; everything is at least 65%, some things are doing much better.  Imagine all the items that would have to analyze and balance to achieve those results.  Even on your best day, could you even do it?

In this case, time was of the essence.  His situation was dire.  Now he has the strength to heal.  When his readings are optimal, I can now go into the mental, spiritual and emotional reagents that speed and support optimal health.

If you are NOT already a radionic practitioner, the KRT Replicator is an excellent instrument to run these programs.  For experienced operators, the programs work well with all known radionic instruments that broadcast reagents.

The programs are encoded into solid man-made quartz crystal rods that will last for years. (the caps on the end protect the rods).  I offer an absolute 1 year guarantee. Simply return the entire set no questions asked.

Attempting to copy or change the programs voids all warranties.