Blood Manna


Life Force of the blood.


For centuries cultures around the world have held beliefs about the mystical properties of blood.  Even the Christian tradition speaks of being ‘washed in the blood of Jesus’.  I don’t pretend to understand or even give credence to most of these beliefs, but life force and blood go together.

In my work, I tend to measure things that are beyond the physical.  I keep looking for the energetic causes to physical issues.  One of those metrics is Life Force.  Another is Blood Manna.

Blood Manna seems to be the life force fuel in blood.  I don’t have a better explanation for it right now.  What I do know is that younger people often have a lot more and older people a lot less.

When Blood Manna is high people tend to heal faster and be more energetic.

Is it derived from food?  Is it derived from spiritual connection?  Perhaps a combination of both?  Perhaps neither.  I don’t know yet.  What I do know is balancing Blood Manna is powerful.

Of course I have a rate. It is on the sheet I offered everyone a few weeks back.  It will also be on the sheets I hand out in my next classes.  I hope you took advantage of that offer.  If not, you will want to come to the next class.

(that sheet also has a number of other previously unpublished rates.)

But the power of Blood Manna is balancing with the reagent.  it doesn’t hold for ever so it needs re-balancing.  That means whatever is collecting or forming Blood Manna has not been healed or repaired.  But each time I balance it, it holds longer.