Block Lack (program)


Abundance is the natural order in an infinite Universe.  Lack is neither natural not necessary.

Lack is artificial. In an infinite Universe where matter is constantly manifesting and de-manifesting the only possible shortages are in distribution. Yet, our entire culture is designed around the concept of lack. Our currency is used to level resources, establish value, and manage supply and demand. Lack drives prices up. Abundance drives them down. So, there are built-in incentives in our culture to create artificial shortages. Hoarding resources drives prices higher. Concentrating wealth into the hands of a few further feeds the lack paradigm. Fear and lack force people into roles in society. Fear and lack drive people to train for certain jobs, move to specific locations and essentially trade their lives one day at a time for monetary remuneration. Our energy systems resemble multiple layers of simultaneously interfacing programs. Each one feeding data to others, changing data, and pulling in new data. My research shows that lack is neither necessary nor unavoidable. Lack is just a program. Or rather, more accurately, there is an external ‘lack’ program that people interface with, and most have us have internal lack programs we deal with as well. Most computer applications are designed so they can access certain programs and block others. Our energy systems are much more sophisticated than those on our PC’s, so in theory we have the ability to select which programs our energy systems will interface with. In essence, my reagent blocks access to and from the external lack program. It doesn’t eliminate it. It doesn’t change it. All it does is limit your interaction with it. When the lack program is interrupted, it allows the natural state of abundance to come through.