Biological Transmutation of Fluorine


Transmute excess fluorine in the system.

Fluoride is supposed to protect our teeth from decay. While adding it to water is banned in most of the rest of the world, it is still added to most municipal water supplies here in the US.  Fluorine displaces iodine in the thyroid.  This causes many thyroid issues as well as low energy and weight gain.

Nearly all soft-drinks are manufactured with fluoridated water.  Most tooth pastes contain fluoride as does dental floss.

Fluoride is also linked to calcification of the pineal gland.

This reagent is designed to stimulate the biology in the body to beneficially transmute fluorine.  It normally takes some time to accomplish this. Expect to use this reagent repeatedly over a long period to time.

First check to make sure using the reagent increases General Vitality.  Then check fluorine levels before broadcasting and periodically after broadcasting.  It is not expected to drop fluorine levels immediately.  This reagent works over a period of time.